Maya strolls towards Arjun holding a present for him, yet quits seeing Saanjh with Arjun and them chuckling and taking selfies. Arjun sees her and welcomes. Jahnvi likewise comes and he welcomes even her. Jahnvi asks who is this young lady. Arjun says his foe, accomplice in wrongdoing. Jahnvi requests that he return home some time. He requests that climb 15 stories by means of pipe and get down by means of pipe.

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Maya goes home and thinks back Arjun and Saanjh’s closeness and them chuckling together. She furiously tosses her bught look for Arjun. Jahnvi gets it.

Vandana informs Ayan that she is stressed regarding Arjun as he is extremely blameless yet goes about as wise. He can’t get by without Saanjh and trusts he understands his adoration in Saanjh. She proceeds with that Arjun is innocent to the point that he didn’t give her place of a mother and

neither one of the shes could give him a child’s place, yet she cherishes him a log and once he grows up, he will give her place.

She strolls towards Maya and says she ought to allow herself to live and adore. Maya says love dependably loses and she has not learnt to lose, she has seen what happened to Jahnvi in affection and she wouldn’t like to rehash same error. Jahnvi requests that give Arjun a shot and see, she won’t settle on a wrong choice.

Arjun achieves home and plays with Ayan. He holds carrot as weapon and Ayan holds cucumber. Arjun impersonates and speaks Quick Gun Murugan’s style. Vandana enters and says Sari is exceptionally delightful. Arjun says Saanjh chose it. Vandana says he ought to have given Saanjh a chance to pay then. He says it was his first compensation and he will pay. He furiously takes off. Ayan requests that Vandana quit provoking like a saas. Vandana says once Arjun quits insulting like bahu, she will likewise stop and trusts soon Saanjh comes throughout his life and changes him.

Jahnvi meets Ashwin and cautions him to avoid Maya. He says he is, else he would have murdered her. She says he lost his dad’s privilege long prior with his deplorable demonstration and on the off chance that she advises Saanjh that she gives him cash, she will make him a poor person. She tosses cash envelope on him and leaves cautioning again to avoid Saanjh.

Arjun sends thank you message to Maya. She answers that it is his diligent work. She then thinks back Arjun and Saanjh’s closeness and gets desirous once more. She calls Maya’s supervisor and requests that he send Maya to her tomorrow morning.