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Salman comes on stage, he dances on song Jai ho. He welcomes everyone in Bigg boss after dance, Salman says i should fold my sleeves as i want to take inmate’s class, this is last weekend of double trouble. Last day, Priya was eliminated and we got our top 5, after one week we will have one winner from Rishab, Rochelle, Keith, Prince and Mandana. He says this day is not going to be good day for Mandana, its a gut feeling, lets see.

Mandana comes in confession room, Bigg boss says we dont give outside news to inmates but we thought to tell you about it, there is newspaper lying there, he asks Mandana to see it, Mandana says they cant plan my career, if i am not promoting their film outside then i am promoting here, newspaper have heading that Mandana will be sued, Mandana says Ekta Kapoor this is silly.


Mandana comes in bedroom, Rochelle tells Imam that Ekta agreed that Mandana can go in Bigg boss but now she wanna sue her for not promoting her film, Mandana says they should understand that this not fair to me, she cries, Imam says you are strong, you will deal with it, Mandana says this is not fair, Rochelle says Bigg boss showed it to you because it will be shown in episode

and it will be seen that you never wanted to skip promotions.
Tushar Kapoor and Aftab Shivdasai comes in house, Mandana screams in excitement seeing them, she runs and hugs Tushar, Mandana hugs Atab excitedly, Aftab says guess we are here. Tushar says you all have become slim. They sit on sofa and says our film is going to be released on 25 january, Mandana says imagine if i win show alongwith ith, Tushar says there is some problem outside, we didnt thought that you will come in show till here, Tushar tells Mandana that there is chaos going on outside house, he says Ekta have sent message for you, clip plays, Ekta says its good Mandana that you are still in house but Mandana you signed my movie before this show so you have to come out of Bigg boss rightnow else there can be legal sue of 5crores on her, only 7days are remaining for film release and you are still in house, you said to me that you will go in show for 4weeks, if you dont come out of house then i will sue you, i dont want it as i am fond of you, i would have come myself in house but i couldnt make it so i have sent contract with Tushar, sign it and come out of house, clip ends, Tushar says lets talk silently, they go in garden, Rochelle says to Keith that i dont think Ekta can do this kind of prank.

Tushar says to Mandana that you seem to be crying, you have choice, he shows her contract, Mandana says i had conversation before coming in house, i asked her if i can go in bigg boss house? so she said to me that i can go, it is biggest platform in India, Tushar says but now movie is releasing, Mandana says finale is around corner and i am safe this week, Mandana says you are guys are like my family, my film crew had good bonding with me, Aftab asks her to decide herself what she wanna do.

Salman says Tushar and Aftab are coming here. Aftab and Tushar comes on stage, they dance on Oh boy you are my soft toy. Salman says great performance, he meets them, Aftab and Tushar have saxophone in hand, Salman asks about it, Aftab says our movie is about se* so this, Salman asks if movie is vulgar? Aftab says its comedy, Salman asks if dog is in movie? Aftab says yes, and Madnana’s father too, Salman says only Bigg boss is her father now.
Aftab says we will play game with Salman, Tushar will act dumb and Salman have to guess which dialogue is this, Tushar acts and Salman guesses it to be dialogue “aap devil ke peeche, devil apke peeche”(you behind devil, devil behind you). Tushar says i changed lines and it is: “aap devil ke peeche, devil apke neeche”(you behind devil, devil beneath you), Salman laughs and says this is perks of doing movie like Kya kool hain hum, they laugh.
Aftab says we will play another game, name is “horny ko kon taal skta hai”(who can avoid horny(here it means horn sound). Aftab says we will ask you questions and if you say wrong then we will play horn. Tushar asks Salman if he was caught watching X rated movie? Salman says yes.

Aftab asks if he never wanted to kiss on screen? Salman says no, Tushar plays horn indicating that he is lying. Aftab asks if promised any girl for marriage? Salman says yes i did and everyone knows about it, Aftab nods, Salman asks if he will not ask name of girl? they laugh, Salman says everyone knows that i and Sangeeta were about to get married and infact wedding cards were printed, Aftab nods. Tushar asks Have you ever been caught in girl’s house? Salman laughs, Aftab plays horn, they laugh. Tushar asks who is better actress Gizele or Mandana? Salman says Mandana as Gizele’s lips come inbetween her acting, all laugh. Aftab asks did any girl said that she is going to be mother of your child? Salman says no and plays horn himself, they laugh, Salman says no i am joking but i hope there is someone who says it eventually.

Bigg Boss 10 21 November 2016 Full HD Show Bigg Boss 10 21 November 2016 Full HD Show Bigg Boss 10 21 November 2016 Full HD Show