Pakistani Drama Bin Roye Episode 10 4 December 2016 Full Video Episode. (Urdu: بن روۓ‎; lit: Without Crying), also known as Bin Roye Ansoo, is a Pakistani romantic television serial that was first aired on 2 October 2016 in Hum TV. Bin Roye is a type of film changed into drama.It is directed by Shahzad Kashmiri and Haissam Hussain (directed initial parts), written by Farhat Ishtiaq and screenplay by Muhammad Wasi-ud-din.Bin Roye is produced by Momina Duraid, under the banner MD Productions.The series is the television adaptation of the 2015 film of the same name, which itself was based on the novel of the same name by Farhat Ishtiaq. All the original cast of the film have reprised their roles, including the main cast of the film, Mahira Khan, Humayun Saeed and Armeena Khan.Bin Roye Episode 10 4 December 2016 Full Video Episode.

Bin Roye is a saga of obsession in love. It is a story of regret, remorse and reunion. It is a beautiful tale about how romantic love can often bring out the best, and sometimes the worst, in us.Bin Roye Episode 10 4 December 2016 Full Video Episode.

The story revolves around Saba Shafiq (Mahira Khan), who is in love with her cousin Irtaza (Humayun Saeed). But he treats her like his best friend, not a love interest. Irtaza then leaves for the US for two years, where he meets Saman Shafiq (Armeena Rana Khan), who is his cousin and falls in love with her. Saman is Saba’s elder sister, and she was given to her aunt Maleeha (Zeba Bakhtiar) and uncle Shafiq (Javed Sheikh)as a child. Saman’s adoptive parents die in a plane crash which was headed to Germany, and Irtaza brings her back to Pakistan. Upon learning she has an elder sister, Saba is at first overjoyed, but her happiness quickly turns to disdain when she finds out that Irtaza and Saman are in love and are to be married. In a moment of shock and despair after witnessing their marriage and realizing Irtaza is now Saman’s, Saba wishes that Saman had died along with her adoptive parents in the plane crash.Bin Roye Episode 10 4 December 2016 Full Video Episode.

Saman and Irtaza live in the US after their marriage. Saba’s parents decide to go US but Saba refuses. She accepts on force and goes to US where she discovers Saman and Irtaza’s love. She is angry that Saman loves Irtaza. She visits in a restaurant, where she in mistake breaks Aamir (Adnan Malik)’s glass. Slightly, Amir starts loving Saba. He introduces himself as Irtaza’s friend. He visits Irtaza’s home many times only to meet Saba but Saba is unaware of such fact. Irtaza identifies that Amir loves Saba. Amir’s sister (Saman Ansari) also decides that Amir must marry his fiancée. Irtaza tries to ask Saba if she loves him but she says him that after this day, you donot ask this thing again.Bin Roye Episode 10 4 December 2016 Full Video Episode.

Mahira Khan as Saba Shafiq
Humayun Saeed as Irtaza Ghazanfar
Armeena Rana Khan as Saman Shafiq
Javed Sheikh as Shafiq Rehmat Ali
Zeba Bakhtiar as Maleeha Shafiq
Azra Mansoor as Dadi
Jahanzeb Khan as Zafar Shafiq
Saman Ansari as Amir’s sister (Cameo appearance)
Rashid Khawaja as Ansar (Maleeha’s brother)
Aini Zaidi as Ansar’s wife, Maleeha’s sister-in-law
Huma Nawab as Safeer’s mother (young)
Arjumand Azhar as Javed
Shazia Naz as Sonia
Saima Kanwal as Safeer’s mother (old)
Zaheen Tahira as Rehmat Bua (Cameo appearance)
Adnan Malik as Amir (Cameo appearance)
Junaid Khan as Safeer (Cameo appearance)
Sidra Batool as Mahnoor (Cameo appearance)
Adeel Hussain as cameo appearance