Indian Drama Brahmarakshasas (Sanskrit: ब्रह्मराक्षस) are savage evil presence spirits in Hindu mythology..Brahm Rakshas is really the soul of a Brahmin, a dead researcher of high birth,Brahmarakshas 6 August 2016 Watch Video Episode Online. who has done malice things throughout his life or has abused his insight, who needs to endure as a Brahm Rakshas after his or her passing. The earth-bound obligations of such a researcher would be to dissappear or confer information to great understudies. In the event that he didn’t do as such, he would transform into a Brahma Rakshas after death which is an exceptionally wild evil spirit.The word Brahm implies Brahmin and Rakshas, a devil. According to old Hindu writings they are intense evil presence soul, who have part of forces and just few in this world can battle and over-come them or give them salvation from this type of life. It would even now hold its abnormal state of learning. Be that as it may, it would eat people. They have the learning of their past lives and vedas and puranas. As it were they have characteristics of both Brahmin and Rakshas.Brahmarakshas 6 August 2016 Watch Video Episode Online.

It is said that the seventh century Sanskrit artist Mayurbhatta, who created the prominent Surya Sataka (one hundred verses in commendation of Lord Surya) was disturbed by Brahmarakshasha. He was doing compensation at well known Deo Sun Temple situated at Aurangabad area of Bihar.Brahmarakshas 6 August 2016 Watch Video Episode Online. Brahmarakshas was living in the Peepal tree under which Mayurbhatta was doing repentance and making the verses. It was rehashing the verses proclaimed by Mayurbhatta, aggravating him. Keeping in mind the end goal to thrashing him Mayurbhatta began to profess words through nose. Since Brahmarakshasas or different spirits don’t have a nose it was vanquished and left the tree, which promptly turned dry. After the soul left Mayurbhatta could gently make the hundred verses in recognition of Surya, which cured him of leprosy.Brahmarakshas 6 August 2016 Watch Video Episode Online.


Brahma-Rakshas were a consistent element in old Indian stories like Vikram and Vetala,Panchatantra and other old spouses tales.As per these stories, Brahma-Rakshas, were sufficiently capable additionally to concede any help, cash, gold, in the event that they got to be satisfied with any individual. In the vast majority of the stories, they are portrayed as enormous, mean and wild looking having two horns on head like a Rakshas and a Choti like a Brahmin and generally discovered hanging topsy turvy on a tree. Likewise a Brahma Rakshas would infrequently eat people in stories.Brahmarakshas 6 August 2016 Watch Video Episode Online.Brahmarakshas 6 August 2016 Watch Video Episode Online.Brahmarakshas 6 August 2016 Watch Video Episode Online.

In numerous Hindu sanctuaries, particularly in Central India like Maharashtra[9] and South India like Kerala you can discover symbols of Brahm Rakshas in external dividers and are by and large offered pooja, regards and an oil light is lit on general premise before their godlike objects. There are numerous sanctuaries, where they are additionally worshiped as demi-divine beings, as in Malliyor Temple of Kottayam District of Kerala, it is standard to take authorization from Brahma Rakshas before beginning the development activities.[10] Further, at Thirunakkara Shiva Temple likewise in Kottayam in Kerala, there is a different sanctuary for Brahm Rakshasa. There is a fascinating anecdote regarding why the Brahma Rakshas sanctuary was constructed here.Brahmarakshas 6 August 2016 Watch Video Episode Online. One individual called Moose was an extraordinary companion of the ruler. The lord was not known for his excellence but rather his companion Moose, was exceptionally handsome.Brahmarakshas 6 August 2016 Watch Video Episode Online.

The ruler went gaga for this companion knowing which the lord requested his workers to execute Moose. Rather than slaughtering him the King’s workers executed the lesser minister of the sanctuary (keezh Santhi). The spouse of the cleric turned into a Brahma Rakshas and began upsetting each body. So the ruler fabricated a sanctuary for her. For quite a while a short time later ladies did not want to enter this temple.Further, it is said that at Madikeri the Omkareshwar Shiva sanctuary was worked by ruler to ward of fiendishness brought on by Brahm-Rakshasa.At Shringeri, the Malayala Brahma Temple is of a Brahma-Raskshas.[13] Similarly, there is separate sanctuary for Brahma Raksha inside complex of well known Kandiyoor Shiva Temple close Mavelikkara.In Njarakkal in Kerala there is a 800-year-old Bhagavathi sanctuary where alternate sanctuaries incorporate Shiva, Nagaraja, and Sree Brahmarakshas.In Palakkad locale of Kerala at mundakottukursi close Shornur, a Mana ( meaning the family place of the Namboodri Kerala Brahmins) called “Akathekunnathu Mana” where individuals love Brahmaraksha and do some vazhipadu or ceremonies to dispose of frequenting and inconveniences made by the soul of Brahmaraksha.Brahmarakshas 6 August 2016 Watch Video Episode Online.