Both armed forces prepared to attack,padmanand and Chandra ride to each other at the focal point of warfield, the standards are explained,and the war will be ceased after sunset,padmanand says you ran twice however this time you will die,I killed your dad and will kill you too,you know I had guillotined him and had guaranteed your mom will kill you same way and afterward will end your mom too.Chandra says your guarantees are of no utilization, I have or,used my mom and my country that this time the passing will be yours and your sons.both take positions for war.chandra puts the warfield soil on his temple. Mora with her blood applies a naam on the Chandra word recorded by her as gift.

Chandra Nandini 21 November 2016 Star Plus Video Episode

Chandra recollects Chanakyad words that this time we will assault as magad does with vrishchik see Rachna,the war begins.helina

Joins the assault too with Chandra,Chandras armed force enters the magad armed force like a slaughtering bolt. Padmanand sees his first child killed by Chandra.chnadra continues and harms padmanands second child as well. Educates as Chanakya what fire is this in Chandra he resemble a relentless fire,Chanakya says on the grounds that he is battling for his mom today and triumph is his.Helina battles shoulder to bear with Chandra.third child of padmanand is killed as well.

Dhananand assaults army,Chandra is gotten around by six children of padmanand,Chandra bounced over his stallion and battles every one of them. Chandra and dhananand begin fighting each other,Chandra harms him. Nandini is educated that Chandra is on wining side,Nandini says I had felt this some time recently, Nandini with her sword surges out. Padmanand signs maliketu to join the war,maliketu assaults with his armed force. Padmanand says Amartya ensure maliketu is sheltered he will wed my little girl. Dasi stops Nandini close warfield and says maharaj will be exceptionally furious on the off chance that you enter the warfield,Chandra and maliketu fight each other.

Helina stands aside and see them battle, both are similarly strong,Nandini watch maliketu and Chandra fight,Chandra gives maliketu an intense battle thus does maliketu. Chandra massacres maliketu, padmanand stunned to see Chandra crush maliketu. Chandra focuses swords at maliketu and recalls chankayas words,to get padmanand into the war, you need to assault maliketu, this will pull padmanand in war,Chandra assaults maliketu with sword and padmanand gets irate and gets in the battle,Chandra seeing him grins, his troop makes the course of action and Chandra with their help assaults padmanand,Chanakya grins.