China and the United States are utilizing military channels to “suitably handle” the seizure by the Chinese naval force of a U.S. submerged automaton in the South China Sea, China said on Saturday, and a Chinese state-run daily paper said it expected a smooth determination.

The automaton was gone up against Thursday, the principal seizure of its kind in late memory, around 50 nautical miles northwest of Subic Bay off the Philippines, similarly as the USNS Bowditch was going to recover the unmanned submerged vehicle (UUV), U.S. authorities said.

“It is comprehended that China and the United States are utilizing military channels to fittingly handle this issue,” China’s Foreign Ministry said in a brief proclamation sent to Reuters, without explaining.

The Global Times, distributed by the decision Communist Party’s authentic People’s Daily, said a Chinese maritime vessel had found “unidentified hardware” and checked it to keep any navigational wellbeing issues. It refered to a unidentified Chinese source.

“This individual said China has officially gotten a claim ask for the hardware from the U.S. side. Significant gatherings from both sides have kept up smooth correspondence channels and trust this issue will be easily settled,” the paper said.

China’s Defense Ministry has yet to remark freely on the issue.

“The UUV was legally leading a military review in the waters of the South China Sea,” a U.S. official said, talking on state of namelessness. “It’s a sovereign insusceptible vessel, plainly set apart in English not to be expelled from the water – that it was U.S. property,” the authority said.

The Pentagon affirmed the occurrence at a news preparation on Friday, and said the automaton utilized monetarily accessible innovation and sold for about $150,000.

Still, the Pentagon saw China’s seizure genuinely since it had viably taken U.S. military property.

“It is our own, and it is obviously set apart as our own and we might want it back. Furthermore, we might want this not to happen once more,” Pentagon representative Jeff Davis said.

The seizure will add to worries about China’s expanded military nearness and forceful stance in the questioned South China Sea, including its militarization of oceanic stations.

It agreed with saber-rattling from Chinese state media and some in its military foundation after U.S. President-elect Donald Trump provide reason to feel ambiguous about whether Washington would adhere to its almost four-decades-old strategy of perceiving that Taiwan is a piece of “one China.”

President Barack Obama said on Friday it was fitting for Trump to investigate U.S. arrangement toward Taiwan, however he forewarned that a move could prompt to noteworthy results in the U.S. association with Beijing, as the idea that Taiwan is a piece of “one China” is key to China’s perspective of itself as a country.