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They attempted to enter the inn from the fundamental entryway yet they couldn’t so chose to enter by the indirect access and Meera watches peculiar things yet Neel ignores her cases. They discover a TV set on with no transmission or power and both Achint and Neel hear the sounds WELCOME.Ignoring it as mental concotion, they continue to room 3046, a famous suite room and there, Sam is slaughtered first. The gathering escape in frenzy and stun and come to understand that they are caught inside the inn with no chance to get out. Achint and Margesh attempt to go to the porch to discover the system where Margesh is executed by phantom spirits and the gathering begin being threatened by a spooky lady. Sonia is dragged into the dimness by the phantom. With three individuals dead, the staying four locate a deserted jeep, which they use to attempt to escape the inn in the midst of spooky ghosts. After a tiring drive through foggy territories, the gathering reach somewhere new, just to find that they are back at the entryway of room 3046. They understand that the best way to escape is to get by till sunrise.

Before long they are faced by Sonia, whom Achint and Neel believe is the phantom, however a weepy Sonia lets them know that it is truly her. The gathering come to realize that when the lodging was a mental refuge, a had young lady named Maya(Sheetal Singh) was conceded after she killed her whole family. Maya would dependably claim to have ‘wedded the fallen angel’, and would turn out to be extremely fierce at the healing center, notwithstanding murdering the specialists. The flame that broke out murdered all the prisoners. The gathering acknowledge it is Maya who is threatening them.