Pakistani Drama Serial Deewana ( ديوانہ‎ ) is a Pakistani TV show serial Deewana Episode 22 28 July 2016 Full Video Hum TV Drama. which was publicized on 11 May 2016 on Hum TV. It affectation each Wednesday and Thursday at 9:10pm PST. It stars Waseem Abbas and his better half Saba Waseem Abbas as their introduction in the part of brother by marriage and sister-in-law respectively.It is mechanized otherworldly dramatization serial reflecting conjurers Falak Shehroz Sabzwari and his mother,Hina Khawaja Bayat.Deewana Episode 22 28 July 2016 Full Video Hum TV Drama

Deewana is an account of two siblings, Subhan (Tariq Jameel) and Tabrez (Waseem Abbas). As a more youthful sibling, Tabrez considers Subhan as his dad. Subhan Qureshi weds Shamma (Saba Hameed) and later looses his talking affectability. Tabrez weds another lady, Abdun (Farah Shah).Deewana Episode 22 28 July 2016 Full Video Hum TV Drama. Subhan and Shamma have a child, Shayan and a little girl, Mehru/Mehr Sultana (Iqra Aziz). Tabrez has a child, Harris (Junaid Akhter) and a little girl, Rabia .


Shayan begins to look all starry eyed at Rabia and weds her. One day Shayan and Rabia have a fight.Rabia communicates her aversion for Shayan. Shayan gets his gun, however Rabia grabs it from him .By the time whatever remains of the family arrives, Rabia shoots Shayan and confers suicide. .This prompts a battle between the two families. Be that as it may, after court choice, Tabrez apoligizes from Subhan and his better half. Shamma does not pardon him but rather Subhan does. Mehru and Harris like each other. Shamma chooses the marriage date between them. Haris likewise gets to be irate with Mehru for shooting his sister yet they excuse each other. Later they both get married.Deewana Episode 22 28 July 2016 Full Video Hum TV Drama.Tabrez has chosen to take revenge for his little girl’s homicide from Mehru so he requests that Harris abandon her. Mehru keeps running behind Haris when she discovers Haris left keeping in mind running she meets Falak (Shehroz Sabzwari) and afterward Mehru blacks out. Falak takes her to his home first where his mom requests that he leave Mehru back to her “own” kin on the grounds that Falak and his mom are not people. It is demonstrated that Tabrez’s significant other Abdun (Farah Shah) has her mom side cousin Shabnam (Fazila Qazi). Shabnam sees Falak bring Mehru back and promptly educates Abdun (Farah Shah) about it.Deewana Episode 22 28 July 2016 Full Video Hum TV Drama

Shehroz Sabzwari as Falak (Magician),Iqra Aziz as Mehru/Mehr Sultana,Junaid Akhter as Haris.Waseem Abbas as Tabrez,Saba Hameed as Shamma,Tariq Jameel as Subhan/Qureshi Sahab.Hina Khawaja Bayat as Usnara (Magician).Farah Shah as Abdun (Haris’ mother, Shabana’s cousin).Fazila Qazi as Shabana/Shabnam,Anita Campher as Chandabi,Ahson Talish,Alyy Khan as Agha,Mizna Waqas,Shazia Qaiser,Akbar Khan,Anwar Baloch,Ahmed Mujtaba,Tauqeer,Anita Kaneez

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