Dil Sala Sanki Hindi Movie Film Full IMDb Wiki,Preview Review,Songs Music,Synopsis Story,Poster Image,Teaser Trailer Already Released.

Ever since Badal was an eight year old, he falls in love with violence. When other children of his age were suggested to take up role models he chose the local mafia leader Bachcha Babu who had a reputation of series crimes and murders as his role model. Badal is so inspired by Bachcha Babu that, his ambition is to grow up like him.

As he grows up, his passion for becoming like Bachcha Babu increases by leaps and bounds. And one day Badal, manipulates a chance and joins the gang of Bachcha Babu.One day, Badal meets his second love Megha and he falls head over heels for her at the very first sight. Badal tells Megha about his feelings but Megha doesn’t even like the sight of Badal anywhere in her proximity.

Star Cast- Yogesh Kumar
Madalasa Sharma
Jimmy Sheirgill
Shakti Kapoor
Avtar Gill
Shagufta Ali
Gargi Patel
Sandeepa Virk
Hrishitaa Bhatt



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