BERLIN, The government in Germany has started to take steps against hate speech in country by using mediums like search engines and social media sites.

According to media reports, social media giants including Facebook and Twitter have been given an ultimatum of one year to delete all illegal posts from their database. The initiative is to make these social networking sites more serious about the German policies.

Germany is one of those countries who have strict laws against hate speech. The policies reflect securing rights to minority groups as well as respecting the beliefs of people with religious affiliations.

It must be noted here that the country has penalties and punishments for those who incite hatred for cultural or religious groups including those claiming Holocaust denial. The member country of European Union is considering passing new laws against hate speech on social networking sites.

The European country is also paying considerable attention towards search engine giant Google and has asked the company take play active role in stopping the spread of hate speech in the search results as well as site posts.

The urge has come ahead of the elections in Germany and France. Moreover, the German government had closely monitored the American presidential elections which throughout witnessed statements that hurt sentiments of racial, religious and gender groups.

There is already a cyber task force in the country to eradicate hatred inciting posts daily however, the performance is below satisfactory. The current laws in Germany allow a penalty for corporations as much as €10 million.

Meanwhile, some tech companies have refused to take responsibility of content that ignites hostility towards one or more social groups.