Ghalti Pakistani Drama “غلطي ه‎ lit. The Fault is Mine) is a Pashtu language single by Pakistani Soft Alternative rock band Naseer & Shahab.It was released on August as a digital download. It is an soulful Pashtu love-inspired ballad that depicts the female protagonist remembers her lover who is lost long, she visits his grave hoping one day she will see him. The song is written and composed by Naseer Afridi while directed, produced and co-composed by Shahab Qamar.

The song was recorded by two production teams, Australia (Shahab) and Pakistan (Naseer). Naseer Afridi writes and composed the song in Pakistan, while Shahab directed, produced and co-composed from Australia.

The video depicts a female protagonist regularly visits her lover’s memorial after he was lost at sea. Every time, she leaves a seashell at the site as a totem of remembrance, not knowing that she has woken him up from a limbo in another dimension of reality. He wanders aimlessly until the seashells in his pocket, which he has collected in the past, remind him that he has passed on. A strange entity guides him towards the next seashell. He knows she is there. He follows it hastily, hoping that he can reach it before she leaves. He finds the seashell and tries to send a message back with it. But she has already started walking away. She feels it and turns back to see if its real but it’s already too late. She would visit again and he is hoping to reach back to her next time, in time.”