SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) – Google prime supporter Larry Page is supporting two new companies that are chipping away at flying autos, including subsidizing one of them with more than $100 million in this way, Bloomberg said on Thursday, refering to sources.

Zee.Aero, into which Page has poured more than $100 million since it began in 2010, conducts experimental runs of its model at an air terminal shed in Hollister, California, Bloomberg said.

The start-up has an assembling office on NASA’s exploration focus at the edge of Mountain View, the news organization said.

Since a year ago, Page has likewise been financing another start-up, Kitty Hawk, that is taking a shot at a comparative contending model, Bloomberg said.

Kitty Hawk, which utilizes around twelve architects and has its central station about a large portion of a mile far from Zee.Aero, is taking a shot at “something that takes after a mammoth adaptation of a quadcopter ramble”, as indicated by Bloomberg.

Page, who is alluded to as the person upstairs (‘GUS’) by Zee.Aero workers, requested his association in the start-up ought to stay concealed, Bloomberg said.

Page, Zee.Aero and Kitty Hawk couldn’t be come to quickly for a remark.