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The Episode starts with Dhaani recalling Viplav’s words and tells Raj Lakshmi that she wants to meet Suwarna. Raj Lakshmi says she will call her in market. Tripurari calls Kanak and tells her that Dhaani called Suwarna to market. Kanak asks him not to call her again and again. She says Dasharath is unaware of her conspiracies and she don’t him to know anything. Even Dhaani and Viplav are getting far because of the misunderstandings. Tripurari asks her to bring Viplav there and gives her an idea. Kanak says okay and disconnects the call. Kanak thinks Tripurari is just a puppet in her game and she will throw him out like a fly. Tripurari also thinks that he is using Kanak and will ruin her once his work is done. Kanak comes to Viplav and asks him to come with her as she has to buy something. She takes him forcibly to market.


Dhaani meets Suwarna and asks her to tell the truth, and asks if Tripurari was with you. Suwarna says yes. Dhaani slaps her. Suwarna looks on shocked. Dhaani says you can lie to the world, but don’t lie infront of me. Suwarna takes promise of her mangalsutra and says you have broken our relation of friendship. You have broken relation of honesty and truthfulness, I will never forget this slap all my life. Dhaani melts down and hugs Suwarna apologizing her. Tripurari comes and asks what is happening? He says I have already apologized to you. Today Viplav insulted me and now you have slapped my wife. He says Suwarna will never take fake promise of her mangalsutra. I am your jija ji and asks her to believe him. Kanak brings Viplav there. She instigates him against Dhaani and says she came to meet her jija. She says you might have been thinking that I am talking much, but try to see. Tripurari says I have changed and asks her to believe. Dhaani folds her hands and says I will leave. Suwarna hugs Tripurari and cries. Viplav says you want to go somewhere. Kanak says she can’t go seeing Dhaani here. She instigates him more. Viplav says Dhaani is worried about Suwarna. However he is tensed and leaves.

Viplav comes to meet Dhaani in the Ashram and asks what you were doing with Tripurari and Suwarna in the market. Raj Lakshmi tries to speak, but Viplav says he want to hear Dhaani. Dhaani says I went to meet Suwarna, but Tripurari came there. Suwarna have taken promise of her mangalsutra and said that Tripurari was with her. Viplav apologizes to her and says Kanak was eating his brain. Dhaani says tomorrow will be pind daan for Baba. Viplav leaves. Kanak meets Tripurari in market. Tripurari taunts her and says she is wearing white saree and come to meet him at a sweet shop. Kanak says she is eating today as she can’t eat tomorrow. Tripurari says Dhaani is believing on Suwarna now and this will create misunderstanding between Viplav and Dhaani. Kanak says I will make you eat 5 kgs jalebis if this happens. Kanak leaves. Tripurari says he will make her eat sweets when he kicks everyone out of house.

Dhaani tells Dulaari that she is going to Pint Daan function of Shambu. Dulaari reminds her that she isn’t yet married and Kanak will not feel good seeing her there, but Dhaani insists and says she wants to be with Viplav. Dulaari says okay and asks her to go.


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