The Episode begins with Guddi taking a gander at Ravish. Vividha searches for Guddi and calls her. Violate says now this man can never hurt you. He answers Vividha’s approach Guddi’s telephone. Vividha asks where are you Ravish, how could you get her telephone. Violate says Guddi was assaulted by Chintu, she is fine now, I won’t let anything happen to her. Guddi grins. Violate requests that Vividha open the entryway, he is getting Guddi inside. Police comes and captures Guddi. Violate holds Guddi and takes her. Guddi cries and embraces Vividha. Vividha asks are you fine. Violate says we will go to room and talk, come Guddi. She falters. Violate holds her and consumes her to space.

Jaana Na Dil Se Door 21 November 2016 Full Episode Drama

Guddi tells Vividha that Chintu was seizing her, if Ravish did not stop him, he would have executed me, Ravish spared me. Violate holds her

feet and cleans the injury. Guddi grins seeing him and expresses gratitude toward him. He says its alright. He applies salve to her foot and goes.

Guddi tells Vividha that Chintu was taking after her. FB demonstrates Chintu meeting Guddi outside her school. She goes being stressed. He takes after her. Guddi returns home and embraces Uma. FB closes. Guddi says Maa chose to send me here for wellbeing, Papa is absent. She enlightens everything regarding Kailash. Guddi says don’t know how did Chintu come here.

Vividha says don’t think anything in regards to it, we as a whole are with you, on the off chance that anything such happens once more, you will come to me and let me know, I will dependably remain with you, don’t think now. Violate gets drain and requests that Guddi have it, she will rest easy. Vividha takes the drain from him. Guddi looks on. Violate requests that Guddi rest soundly, and goes. Vividha says I m near you, call me in the event that you require anything. Guddi expresses gratitude toward her. Vividha goes.

Guddi says what transpired, did I go distraught, how might I suspect as much about Ravish. Suman requests that Guddi cut onions and jokes. Vividha signs Guddi and goes. Atharv comes and requests desserts. Suman says I will make suji halwa. Atharv says I need it now. Vividha says I will make it now. Sujata comes and says why to inconvenience her, I will make it. Suman prevents Sujata from entering the kitchen.

Suman requests that Sujata ask anything she needs, yet not enter the kitchen. Daddy ji comes. Suman says kitchen is of house’s lady and this is my home, I trust you comprehend this. Daddy ji says Suman is correct, you can remain here Sujata, yet don’t think this house is your home, this is Vashisht’s family house. Suman says a few people don’t have propensity to show tears, it doesn’t mean we don’t have any torment, you have shared even my torment, leave something for me. Sujata takes Atharv and goes.

Violate looks on. Suman says this lady is attempting to get rights on everything. Vividha says I can comprehend its extreme for you, simply consider Sujata once, she got only one room in this house, she would feel like she is in prison. Suman goes and does not listen to Ravish moreover. Guddi inquires as to why was Suman conversing with Sujata like this. Vividha says accompany me, I will let you know everything.

Violate asks Suman will she not hear me out. Suman says no, I have shared the rooftop, what else will I need to share. Guddi says what, Atharv and Ravish are stepbrothers. Violate says life gets simple when severity closes. Suman says life was never simple, so intensity filled. Guddi says Ravish will have such a great amount of weight on him. Suman says I m a human, at whatever point Sujata comes infront of me, I consider Ramakant, whose eyes had love for her, he remained with me however couldn’t turn into mine, he used to love just Sujata. Violate reviews Vividha.

Suman requests that is it simple live observing affection in life accomplice’s eyes for another person, its extreme, you can’t comprehend, would you be able to see love in Vividha’s adoration for another person. She says sorry, I ought to have not told this. He says its alright, on the off chance that I didn’t apologize to Dada ji for talking truth, why will you say sorry, I know its extreme. Suman says I just got cheat, nothing else. Violate says Sujata was a piece of Ramakant’s life, believe me, she wouldn’t like to hurt you, she simply cherished, nobody got anything, everybody simply lost. She embraces her and says you are trooper’s significant other and mum, you know never to lose and confront circumstance.