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The Episode starts with Sid telling Simran and Raj that there is a big conspiracy. He says Bansi made DD’s baby kundli when she was pregnant. He says Bansi made the baby’s kundli when she was in DD’s womb, and says that baby was auspicious for her. Then why did she asked Nani to change dead baby of DD with that of some other woman. He says according to the theory, Roshni is of some other woman, but her kundli was made before she was born. It is all very complicated, but I will solve the mystery.


He says he will expose Bansi’s conspiracy. He calls Pinto and asks if Maayi met head nurse of the hospital. He says he is coming to the village. He tells Raj that he will go and win. Simran blesses him and says you will win, and will bring our bahu home. Sid is flying the kite and thinks he will cut the kite. Shabnam comes and asks Sid to come. Sid looks at Roshni and thinks he will irritate Roshni. He asks Shabnam, if she will support him in kite flying. Shabnam says yes jiju. Sid says we will win. Kunal says how will you win and says he will remove the black curtain from his eyes, and win. Sid says what a confidence and asks him to compete. Bansi looks on and asks Kunal, how you will fly the kite? Did you see your condition. Kunal says I will win with your blessings, and I fly kite every year on Makar Sanskranti. He sees Roshni and says I have a pain in my hand, need someone’s help.

Roshni hears him and tells DD that she will help him. DD signs okay. Roshni says to Kunal that she will help him. Kunal thanks him. Sid looks on. Kunal says 1 second…..and goes to Sid. He reminds Sid of the challenge, and says whoever wins will get Roshni. Sid says I have beaten you so much, but you are not done with your madness. He says Roshni is not a thing and Sid Khurana doesn’t compromise with life. Bansi comes. Sid says I know that you will come now, and asks if she has any wish to be fulfilled. He asks them to be careful with his manja. He says I am like manja and says no one can break him. Kesar announces kite flying competition with DD’s blessings. DD tells Sid that she heard that Kunal is a champion being from small villager, and says Roshni is with him. Sid says Roshni is just standing with him, but she is with me, I will win for sure. DD gives her best wishes.

Sid and Kunal start flying their respective kites. Sid looks at Roshni. Kesar gives the commentary. Sid wins in the second round and cuts Kunal’s kite. Kesar says lets begin the third round. Shabnam asks DD to forgive her and says she is leaving tomorrow. DD says you can stay here as long as you can, but I can’t forgive you. She asks her not to do any conspiracy against him. Shabnam nods smilingly. Kesar asks Sid to win in the final competition. Sid sings the song and acts to hurt his finger. Roshni runs to him and asks what happened? Kunal turns to see. Just then Sid cuts Kunal’s kite. Everyone is happy except Kunal and Bansi’s family. Kunal says it is unfair. Roshni doesn’t get happy. Sid goes to her and says everything is fair in love and war. He hugs her. Kunal thinks to fill Roshni’s maang now itself and make her his wife.


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