Pakisatni Drama Jhoot (Urdu: جھوٹ‎; lit:Lie), is a Pakistani TV show serial Jhoot Episode 5 10 June 2016 On Hum Tv Full Video Dailymotion. that was disclosed on 13 May 2016 in Hum TV. It stars Bushra Ansari, Imran Ashraf, Kamran Jeelani, and Mansha Pasha. It show each Friday at 8:00pm supplanting Maan.The melody of Jhoot is sung by acclaimed vocalists, Raheel Fayyaz and Bina Khan. It is delivered by Moomal Shunaid under her place of Moomal Entertainment.Jhoot Episode 5 10 June 2016 On Hum Tv Full Video Dailymotion.

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The story is of Saleha (Bushra Ansari) whose life is headstrong. She has a child Waqar (Kamran Jeelani) and a girl Zara (Mansha Pasha). Saleha has a sister and a sibling. Her better half lives abroad and is felt that they both were fighten. Her sister has a little girl Farah while her sibling has little girl, Maryam. Since if Zara’s excellence, individuals like her and think her appropriate for their son.Jhoot Episode 5 10 June 2016 On Hum Tv Full Video Dailymotion. Counting her companion Rasheeda, who helps her to recommends her a few mates of her youngsters. Sadaf (Mira Sethi) abruptly goes gaga for Waqar and needs to wed him. Waqar additionally cherishes her. Saleha one day discovered them both talking and clasping hands and got to be astonished!! At the point when Waqar got back home Saleha was crying and was vexed.

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Waqar said that he would just do what she says. The following day Saleha goes to her sister’s home to settle the partnership of Waqar and Farah. At the point when Sadaf found about it she felt truly tragic and said a final farewell to Waqar. At that point Saleha’s significant other’s sister go to her home and discuss Zara’s allianace however she insultes them. They felt dismal. Waqar was conversing with Farah on the telephone yet saleha got him. Saleha admonished Farah and said that it is no proper to chat on the telephone with your life partner before marrige.Jhoot Episode 5 10 June 2016 On Hum Tv Full Video Dailymotion.
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Cast by.
Bushra Ansari as Saleha
Imran Ashraf as Jamal
Kamran Jeelani as Waqar
Mansha Pasha as Zara
Mira Sethi as Sadaf
Akbar Islam as Junaid
Nargis Rasheed
Ayesha Khan
Rimsha Akmal
Farhan Awan
Akbar Khan
Fareeha Sheik
Shaista Jaheen
Anwar Iqbal
Shahzad Malik
Awais Waseer
Rehana Kalim
Maryam Mirza
Arshad Ghori
Faiza Gillani
Kamal Khan
Fouzia Mushtaq
Humaira Bano
Sohail Masood
Farah Zeba
Heem Fatima
Shazia Qaiser
Kiran Shahid
Akhtar Ghazali
Nighat Sultana
Fiery remains Khan
Safiya Sohail