Leela does Naina’s arti. Kali is playing with Naina. She is crying, Kali says quiet down Naina. Naina removes her sanctuary string and discards it a crow takes it, Kali is concerned. Prohit asks what was the deal? Kali lets him know what naina did and the crow took the memento. Prohit says so she wasn’t upset after she tossed her memento? Kali says yes she quit crying. I just gave her the meds possibly that is the reason.

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Specialist says to investigator yes he is released you can explore now. They come and Devri isn’t there. Specialist says where has he gone? examiner says he fled. Overseer cautions all around.

Jamna gets back home and tells everything in healing facility was a show. What’s more, he has fled. Nandu says my sibling can’t do this. He should be in doctor’s facility. Jamna says when will

you comprehend that your sibling will never returns to right way. Prohit says we need to do havan in the house.


Yug goes to his room. He holds Gauri’s hand and says everything constantly demolished our relationship. I ponder time we give it another shot. Gauri embraces her.

Kali reviews that Devri has fled. Nandu comes in and says you are stressed that sibling fled? I can’t rest. I see his face when I close my eyes. Kali says he will return. Its late you ought to rest.

Scene 2

The havan begins. Yug says before the havan begins I need to apologize you Kali. Will you be my companion once more? Nandu says Kali excuse him. Kali shakes his hand. Everybody grins. Yug expresses profound gratitude Kali. Yug says lets begin Prohit ji. Prohit begins the havan. Naina is carrying on abnormal. such a variety of crows come in. Everybody is terrified. Prohit slips the plate. Prohit says Devri has done this. Nandu indicates fire to the crows. He removes them from the house. Prohit says all of you touch this plate. We need to do the havan. Water pourson the fire and it blows. While pursuing the crows Nandu tumbles from the overhang. Kali runs towards him. Nandu is harmed.

Specialist treats Nandu and dresses his injury. Specialist says he is in trance state. He can’t respond to anything. Kali says when will he recuperate. Specialist says I can’t state anything. Jamna begins crying. Kali says he will be alright. We are all here for him.

Kali says to nandu get up and play with naina. Jamna says I made your most loved sweet. Jman says to Kali no one but you can comprehend the agony of a mother. If it’s not too much trouble spare my child.


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