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Raaj and Rishi were in the party where Rano was announced as the member of the club. They put on a sash around her neck. Rano got everything translated by a friend before understanding. She comes to Raaj and Rishi and asks how she looks Rishi says fabulous. Raaj goes to welcome Deepam instead. He appreciates Deepam for doing this all his sons. Deepak says but his boss… Raaj didn’t listen to anything. Deepak says he own job has been lost. He tells Raaj that Friday means casual day, they all wear casual; boss was in casual. Rishi thought him as a waiter, Rishi asked him to bring a drink for him. Deepak saved it saying Boss doesn’t look like boss in this dress. Then in the International conference the video that Raaj’s sons played… Boss had asked them to play the video. Rishi got up and said this wasn’t a presentation of the mobile like a girl. The boss came to office, his sons were sitting with their legs on the table. They insulted the boss saying they are trying to sell his cheap china mobile and he insulted them by telling them to leave the meeting. Their dad could buy more than ten companies like this. Boss had told them to get out of the office along with Deepak. Raj’s sons cheered that they aren’t meant to work when their father ears so much. Raaj hears Deepak’s story and was enraged.

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Rishi comes around a girl and says this party is really really boring. A lady says to Rano that her son if flirting with her husband’s partner’s daughter. Rano was elated. Rishi says to the girl that he has got a lovely room, she would love it. She says he is quite fast. He says he hates those old sentences. The girl agrees.

Tannu and Ahna serve the guests. A lady had brought Tannu’s proposal for her son Balbir. Veeru says they all know about Tannu, she must also know that they have fixed Tannu’s wedding with Raaj’s son Rishi a long time ago. The lady says he lives in America. Veeru says he trusts his friend, his daughter will get married in time. It is a promise from his friend that when Rishi will turn twenty three, he will come back. The lady argued, Veeru stands up saying he will come for sure. He says their house, their phone changed, but not their trust, their promise and their friendship.

The lady says to Tannu that if her father keeps on saying no for each proposal, she must be left behind every one of her age. That boy will never come. Tannu says he will come, she will wait for him.

There, Ahna says to Tannu that there wasn’t a single call from them, he must have been coloured in the foreign’s colours now. Veeru tells Ahna to stop talking.

In the room, Rishi flirts the girl. She says she loves him, Rishi invites her to bed. All at once he gets some flashback, he has a head ache and fell back on bed. He remembers his childhood and gulps.

Raaj drinks with Luthra that he will now build a million dollar hotel. Luthra asks him to show him his beautiful house. Raaj takes him to show the house. The girl asks Rishi what happened, Rishi says may be they were really fast. The girl takes him. Raaj brings Luthra to Rishi’s room. He didn’t look at the couch where Rishi and the girl were, but Luthra does. He asks Raaj if he brought him here for this all. Rishi turns around, they both straightens up. Rishi says to Luthra that his daughter is really… Luthra says she isn’t his daughter but his wife. Rishi still flirts. The girl accuses Rishi for being forcing her. Raaj advocates Rishi that had he known she is his wife he wouldn’t have hold her hand. Luthra punches Rishi on his face. Rishi still flying kissed the girl, Luthra throws his wife’s purse on Rishi. Raaj goes behind him.

Rishi has a head ache, he recalls the memories from past and faints on bed. Raaj come into the room and shouts if he is asleep. Rishi doesn’t get up, Raaj tries to wake up but he realizes Rishi had fainted. He calls for doctor. The doctor observes Rishi, he opens his eyes to the echo of child Tannu’s call. The doctor tells Raaj that someone might have hit his nerve between eye and nose during boxing. It supplies blood to brain and had it broken he could have lost his life. With God’s grace he is out of danger. Raaj thanks him for saving his son’s life. The doctor leaves. Raaj turns to find Rano there, Rano says the girl had a bad luck. She has many friends who are richest of America. Raaj strictly tells Rano that Rishi has a single girl in his fate, Tannu. Rano asks if he knows his sons, they will never accept that village girl. He says they must go to India as soon as possible. Rano says she doesn’t want to go to India. Raaj tells Rano that Rishi has nightmares, he is afraid. She must stop playing games with him. Rano says she won’t go to India. Raaj says alright, if Rishi doesn’t go to India and marry Tannu he will give his property worth millions to charity. Rano was left silent at all. Rano asks what if he goes to India but doesn’t like the girl, then. Raaj says he wants Rishi to give him a chance to say yes or no.

Shanta asks Tannu how she burnt her hand so badly. Ahna says Rishi did this, she was saving a butterfly from fire as if Rishi was felling off. She says only Tannu’s hand was burnt in all this. Shanta scolds Ahna. Tannu says a small butterfly could have died, where did Rishi come from. Ahna says Rishi lives all around, he can’t come in between. Shanta scolds Ahna. Ahna asks what is the date and when is Rishi’s birthday. Tannu says eighteen days. Ahna says she thinks day and night about him, if he doesn’t come in the next eighteen days. Tannu says no one can change fate. Shanta seconds him, she comes out lost and asks Veeru if he heard from Raaj. She tells him to write to Raaj. Ahna says she knows about their new address, it is the time of internet. Tannu hears this. Ahna says she got their email id and mailed them already, now either they reply or not atleast her sister’s way would get cleared. Tannu smiles. Shanta was worried and wonders what if Rano’s dream gets fulfilled.


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