Khwab Sab Dhool Huway Episode 44 20 December 2016 Watch Episode Online Video. The film featured Vikram, Jyothika and Reemma Sen in the lead roles, while Vivek, Sayaji Shinde, Telangana Sakunthala and Pasupathy among others play supporting roles. The film, produced by A. M. Rathnam at a cost of ₹7 crore,had music composed by Vidyasagar and released in January 2003 to positive reviews and was a huge commercial success. It was dubbed into Malayalam while being remade in Telugu, Sinhalese, Punjabi, and Bengali.Khwab Sab Dhool Huway Episode 44 20 December 2016 Watch Episode Online Video.

Arumugam (Vikram) lives in a village and is a kind hearted man. There is a chemical factory in the village which releases toxic wastes into the river and the villagers decide to give a petition to the minister requesting him to close the factory. Arumugam and Easwari (Jyothika) along with Easwari’s grandmother leave to Chennai to meet the minister Kaalaipandi (Shayaji Shinde) who has won from the village’s constituency.


All three reach Chennai and stay with Narain (Vivek), who also belong to the same village but settled in Chennai. Swapna (Reema Sen), a fashion model, also lives near Narain’s home and she is attracted towards Arumugam whereas Narain loves Swapna. Arumugam meets the minister amidst heavy crowd and conveys the problems faced by their villagers due to water pollution. The minister assures to take swift action.

Meanwhile, Sornaka (Telangana Shakunthala) and her brother Aadhi (Pasupathy) are local goons involved in many illegal activities with minister Kaalaipandi supporting them behind. One day,Easwari accindetally collides with Aadhi following which he tries to beat her but saved by Arumugam. Also, Arumugam fractures Aadhi’s hands. Now Sornaka and Aadhi set an eye on Arumugam and decide to trouble him.

They along with the help of the minister kidnap Arumugam and injure him badly. The minister also informs that he will never take any action against the chemical factory in his village. Narain and Easwari rescue Arumugam and treat him. Arumugam discloses the true image of the minister and the culprits behind him to Easwari and Narain. Arumugam decides to take revenge on the minister and tarnish his image among the public. Arumugam uses the minister’s memo pad and forges a letter praising an adult movie and requesting it to be published in a daily newspaper. The newspaper editor believes it and publishes the next day. This brings agitation among political parties and people demand resignation from Kaalaipandi.

Sornaka decides to kidnap Easwari and kill Arumugam but instead Arumugam thrashes Swarnaka’s men and also saves Easwari. Meanwhile, Swarnaka while trying to escape gets hit by a lorry and dies.


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