Pakistani Drama Laaj (Urdu: لاج‎; lit:Value), is a Pakistani sentimental TV arrangement that was broadcast on 23 July 2016 on Hum TV. It pretense each Saturday at 8:00pm PST.Laaj Episode 3 6 August 2016 Full Episode Video.

Laaj Episode 3 6 August 2016 Full Episode Video.The story takes after story of presumption. Bari Sahab (Asma Abbas) is a leader of a house. Her brother by marriage (Dead spouse’s sibling) Sikandar (Nayyar Ejaz) is desirous of her and is against of her. Sikandar has a child, Dilawar (Saleem Sheik), who is hitched and has a child, Sajjad. Bari Sahab has a child, Jahanzaib Chaudhry (Kamran Jeelani) and a child, Shahzeb (Mirza Zain Baig).Laaj Episode 3 6 August 2016 Full Episode Video.


Jahanzeb is eldest and has a girl, Mannat (Iqra Aziz). Mannat and Sajjad were hitched at first yet are at end of their marriage.Laaj Episode 3 6 August 2016 Full Episode Video. Mannat and Shahmir (Hafiz Mohsin Ali) are secretely infatuated and need to wed but since of Shahmir’s malicious arrangements that she was compelled to wed Sajjad makes Mannat to despise Shahmir yet he frequently visits their home. Jahanzaib was hitched to Meena whom Zainab (Zarnish) abhorred yet he wedded. Meena passed on couple of years after the fact. Mannat’s distresses started from her genuine mother’s passing. Jahanzeb says Zainab to care of Mannat and she does. Zainab is really enamored with Jahanzeb Chaudhry and she communicates however he won’t. Sajjad later separations Mannat on Bari Sahab’s desire as she generally needed that Mannat shouldn’t marty Sajjad. Shahzeb goes about as he cherishes Zainab however he is infatuated with Areesha (Sabeeka Imam).Laaj Episode 3 6 August 2016 Full Episode Video

The soundtrack of Laaj was created in the name of MD Productions and composed by Edison Idrees Masih, fiction author. Its verses are composed by Sabir Zafar, lyricist.Laaj Episode 3 6 August 2016 Full Episode Video.

In a meeting (of the cast of Laaj on 22 July 2016) led by Sanam Jung, host of acclaimed and prominent morning show Jago Pakistan Jago, the executive, Fahim Burney said that the undertaking was initially presented 8 years prior yet because of offices not being accessible, the task was deferred. The show serial manages different topics, for example, honor murdering, significance of instruction for ladies and early (constrained) marriage. Kamran Jeelani in the meeting uncovered that the experience shooting for Laaj was fun as there was a decent executive and cast, however the shoot was extreme because of Ramazan and climate of Lahore and the cast needed to wear overwhelming dress according to necessities of the script. The voyaging additionally made the shoot extreme as the cast needed to go from Lahore to Muridke and back, day by day, which would take 2–3 hours.Laaj Episode 3 6 August 2016 Full Episode Video.