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Laal Rang (English: Red Color) is an Indian 2016 Bollywood activity thriller film, coordinated by Syed Ahmed Afzal and delivered by Nitika Thakur, Krian Pictures.

Rajesh (Akshay Oberoi) is an adolescent who is enamored with a kindred understudy Poonam. Poonam then again is cash minded and needs a person who has a decent wellspring of wage. Rajesh meets Shankar(Randeep Hooda) who runs an illicit blood donation center. Shankar additionally has shown at least a bit of kindness leap forward a punjabi young lady (Meenakshi Dixit) whom despite everything he misses. Despite the fact that at first Rajesh doesn’t know about Shankars unlawful exchanges, he enjoys it the moment he comes to think about it and gets included to procure brisk cash to awe Poonam. Gradually as the business commences, Rajesh begins flaunting his cash to Poonam. Poonam who is voracious actuates Rajesh to get increasingly and this brings grinding amongst Rajesh and Shankar. The cops who have the insight of this business are additionally surrounding the illicit action drove by a dabang examiner (Rajniesh Duggall). As things begin separated the Rajesh begins to play the casualty card before Poonam. How the illicit exercises reach an end and what turns into the destiny of Shankar and do Rajesh and Poonam truly adore each different structures the end of the story.