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Lagao (Urdu: لگاؤ‎ ; lit: Ascription / Attachment) is a Pakistani romantic drama serial, which was aired on Hum TV on January 161, 2016. Written by Waseem Ahmad, it is directed by Ali Masud Saeed and produced by Momina Duraid. It stars Sania Shamshad, Babar Khan, Zainab Qayyum, Saman Ansari, Attiya Khan, Shamim Hilaly, Mehmood Aslam and Adnan Jaffar with along others. This show comprises of 165 episodes and will end on 20 June 2016.

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Lagaao, a story of love, trust, and friendship turns into a tale of lies, deceit, and remorse. Watch the story unfold

Lagao is the story of three friends : Nyla (Zainab Qayyum), Amber (Attiya Khan) and Sitwat (Saman Ansari). Nyla is married to Abeer (Adnan Jaffar) and Amber marries Rana (Mehmood Aslam). Amber has daughter Sumbul (Sania Shamshad) and Nyla has a daughter Maha (Maryam Fatima). However, Sumbul don’t likes her cruel father who is a sharp man. Once after Rana is assassinated, she expresses that she didn’t want death of her father but she wanted that he cancel his all policies. However, before his death, he in a long voice said that Sumbul must marry his friend Taimoor’s son Farhan (Babar Khan) which Sumbul refused. Nyla sees Abeer more attached with Amber as he also considers Amber as his friend and wants to marry her as when Sumbul calls he comes at that time without letting his wife know. Sitwat hadn’t been married but wants Abeer. Finally, Maha also refuses to consider him as her father. There comes Amber’s paternal aunt (Shamim Hilaly).


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