Pakistani drama serial Mein Mehru Hoon Episode 96 6 December 2016.that aired on Hum TV every Saturdays starting from . It is written by Serwat Nazir and directed by Babar Javed . Fahad Mustafa is featured in the lead role while Faisal Qureshi, Aamina Sheikh, Alishba Yousuf, Saba Hameed and Asif Raza Mir portray supporting roles.Mein Mehru Hoon Episode 96 6 December 2016. The drama started airing on.Mein Mehru Hoon is a unique story of a boy named Mein Mehru Hoon (Fahad Mustafa). He has a heart of gold whose life goes through many twists and turns because of people around him trying to influence him. He is an obedient son but his parents are too busy with their own lives. He befriends a girl in his neighborhood by the name of Zareen (Alishba Yousuf) who is a spoilt and fast girl.Mein Mehru Hoon Episode 96 6 December 2016. She gradually influences him towards drinking alcohol and smoking. When he proposes to her she rejects him and a heart-broken Mein Mehru Hoon is sent to England by his mother Meera (Saba Hameed).Mein Mehru Hoon Episode 96 6 December 2016.

In England (those episodes were actually shot in Turkey), Mein Mehru Hoon totally immerses himself in the local culture and befriends Faiz (Faisal Qureshi ),Mein Mehru Hoon Episode 96 6 December 2016. Shah Mir and Sarmad. Here accidentally he meets Nell (Aamina Sheikh) and employs her as his housekeeper. One day he attempts to be a bit too forthcoming and sociable with her, in response to this she pleads to him in the name of God and this hits him deeply. Nell gradually brings him back to religion. Mein Mehru Hoon is so influenced with Nell that the two get married but Nell dies as she is suffering from Aids.Mein Mehru Hoon Episode 96 6 December 2016


After living for 9 months in abroad, Mein Mehru Hoon surprises his mother on his return by sporting a beard and wearing a cap. On her enquiring he tells her that he wants to be a religious scholar. Now Meera wants to change her son and for this asks for Zareen’s help. Zareen is now divorced twice and lives in poverty.Mein Mehru Hoon Episode 96 6 December 2016

Zareen initially refused the offer from Meera, but afterwards, poverty gets the better of Zareen, and for the sake of money she takes her offer. Zareen run’s into Mein Mehru Hoon while jogging one day, the later meet up with each other.Mein Mehru Hoon Episode 96 6 December 2016. They go out a few times. Meanwhile, Pasha, Zareen’s ex-husband, finds out about the plot and blackmail’s Zareen into giving him money to stop him from telling Mein Mehru Hoon. On Zareen’s birthday, Mein Mehru Hoon goes to Zareen’s house, where Pasha is already there, the door stays open, as Mein Mehru Hoon overhears the plan his mother laid out. Pasha, at this time tries to rape Zareen, but Mein Mehru Hoon steps in and protects Zareen. Mein Mehru Hoon soon leaves the house. His mother now wants him to marry her best friends’ daughter, who initially was going to marry Jawad, an old friend of Mein Mehru Hoon, who had extremely ill mannered habits. Mein Mehru Hoon notifies Meera’s best friend about Jawad, and her daughter also catches Jawad in the presence of other girls.Mein Mehru Hoon Episode 96 6 December 2016.


Then Meera’s best friends daughter now wants to marry Mein Mehru Hoon, but while all this is happening, Faiz, his friend abroad is sick, and his father wants Mein Mehru Hoon to bring him back. Mein Mehru Hoon leaves the house without greeting his mother, she thinks that he left because of her, and that he will never come back. Meera becomes sick and is hospitalised. When she returns from the hospital, the absence of Mein Mehru Hoon dawns upon her.Mein Mehru Hoon Episode 96 6 December 2016. She slowly comes to love everything Mein Mehru Hoon loved. She accepts the gardeners sons gift of sweets, which he wanted to give to Mein Mehru Hoon because the gardeners son came first in his class. The son also wants to become a Muslim, after looking up to Mein Mehru Hoon. Soon Zareen returns to her father, and finds out Meera is sick.Mein Mehru Hoon Episode 96 6 December 2016. She visits Meera’s house,Mein Mehru Hoon Episode 96 6 December 2016, where they have an emotional moment and they hug each other. Meera slowly comes to realize the similarities between Zareen and Mein Mehru Hoon. She soon develops a liking for her. Mein Mehru Hoon returns to Pakistan after Faiz’s death and finds out that Zareen is about to get married, he sadly agrees to go for the ceremony where it is revealed that the wedding is for Zareen and himself.Mein Mehru Hoon Episode 96 6 December 2016. After the wedding Mein Mehru Hoon gives Zareen the ring in which he wanted to propose her years ago and then he tells her to call him Mein Mehru Hoon instead of A.Q.


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