Mera Dard Bay Zuban is a Pakistani drama serial directed by Adnan Ahmad, written by Bushra Ansari and produced by Momina Duraid It began airing from on Hum TV.

The show was broadcast in India on Zindagi, airing from , under the title “Bezubaan”.

The story of “Mera Dard Bay Zuban” revolves around two friends, Ahmed Ali and Abdul Rehman. Ahmed Ali is a poor shopkeeper whose life is focused on the well-being and happiness of his family and the people around him. Abdul Rehman is an affluent owner of a prosperous engineering firm. As wealthy as he is, Abdul Rehman is kindhearted and unconcerned with status. Abdul Rehman and his wife, Zakia, are devoted to caring for their deaf and mute son, Arooj. Arfa, Ahmed Ali’s youngest daughter, is in love with and engaged to her maternal cousin, Junaid – which leaves Aamna, Ahmed Ali’s eldest daughter, open for marriage.


On meeting Aamna, both Abdul Rehman and Zakia fall in love with her bubbly personality, and compassionate and patient nature. Ashamed to ask for Aamna’s hand in marriage to Arooj in the beginning of their recently rekindled friendship with Ahmed Ali, Zakia asks her sister, Razia, for her daughter’s, Neelam, hand in marriage. All is well until Zakia’s brother-in-law, Kamran, launches a plan to rob Abdul Rehman and Zakia of their fortune through Neelam’s marriage to Arooj. However, Neelam’s marriage to Arooj does not happen. Neelam is uninterested in Arooj as she thinks he is boring because of his inability to speak and hear.

One morning when Razia cleans up Neelam’s bedroom, she finds a pack of cigarettes. The stress of her husband’s behavior and her daughter’s detrimental lifestyle take a toll on Razia and she has a heart attack. Zakia stays at her house to take care of her and help her to recover. It is fully realized that Neelam lives a westernized lifestyle of drinking, smoking, dating, and premarital sex. One evening, she is found in her house by Zakia being physically intimate with her boyfriend, Shiraz. Later, she finds out she is pregnant with Shiraz’s child. When she is found by her parents laying on her bed and holding her stomach, she reveals to her parents that she is pregnant with Shiraz’s child. However, Kamran sees this is an opportunity to tell Zakia that Arooj has gotten Neelam pregnant and is forced to marry her. Throughout that day, Neelam tries to confront Shiraz about the situation, who had promised to marry her. However, she finds out Shiraz has told her lies about himself, his life, and their future, and has left for London. Pregnant and without Shiraz, she sees an abortion as her only escape route. While receiving an injection to start the process of her abortion, she passes out. When she is rushed to the hospital, she is pronounced dead.