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The Episode starts with Santoshi getting ready. She says Dadi, I have to go now, I have to reach there before everyone wake up, I have to make morning tea, take medicine on time, don’t worry. She rushes. Daasi serve Devi Paulmi. Daasi brings message for Devi Paulmi and says its bad message, Santoshi may reach that house for her work. Devi Paulmi says but she did not reach, its impossible.


Tinu asks Santoshi to see his new watch. Santoshi gets shocked seeing the time, and asks Jaradhan is Tinu’s watch not working. Janardhan says no, its working right. Santoshi packs her bag and says I got late. Daksha stops her, and taunts Janardhan. Santoshi asks Daksha about clock, I saw wrong time, I will leave. Daksha says clock is fine, I have to talk to you, will that loan get cut from salary. Santoshi says I don’t know, we will know it till month end, they helped us in tough time. Daksha asks her to ask Seshnath for money. Santoshi says I can’t ask him. Daksha asks why can’t you ask him. Santoshi refuses. Dadi comes.

Dadi asks Daksha to let Santoshi go, we all know Seshnath will not give money, Santoshi will not ask for money, go Santoshi. Santoshi hugs her and leaves. Daksha says I have to find some other solution. Guddu writes leave application, and thinks what to write reason. Seshnath scolds him, and asks him to write it again. Guddu thinks and writes Seshnath’s leave application. Seshnath says you are useless. He writes letter and asks him to drop the letter, even though he does not trust Guddu, but change now, Santoshi saved you, else you would have got the end. He asks him to request senior, I can’t join work now. Daksha taunts Seshnath as Santoshi will get more loan if he gets unwell. Seshnath asks her to talk sweetly sometimes. She taunts about Guddu. Guddu leaves.

Devi Paulmi smiles seeing a fly trying to come out of fire ball. The fly begs to get freedom. Devi Paulmi says you will get freedom if you do my work. The fly agrees to do anything and asks her to command. Devi Pauulmi frees the bug and smiles. He says I know what to do again, bless me to take human avatar again. She blesses the fly. The fly goes down on earth.

The fly irritates the dog ghungroo in Madhu’s house. Ghungroo starts barking a lot. Mata Santoshi and Gaumata see this. Mata says hurting helpless one for our greed is sin. Gaumata asks the remedy. Mata says I can’t do anything, I can’t interfere as Devi Paulmi did this. Dhairya sees ghungroo barking a lot and ask him to relax. Madhu asks why is he barking. Dhairya says I think he is hungry, Santoshi did not give him food. He calls out Santoshi. Madhu shouts Pushpa and asks about Santoshi. Pushpa says she went to her home at night. Dhairya says I will make her get sense today.

Gaumata asks what will happen now with Santoshi. Mata says don’t worry, it will be fine. Janardhan asks Daksha to stitch button to his shirt. Daksha asks him to tell Santoshi when she comes, and taunts him. He says you just know to taunt me. She says fine, give me and stitches button. Seshnath and Madhuri come laughing and sit there to rest.


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