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Shan-ul-Haq Haqqee (Urdu: شان الحق حقی‎), Sitara-e-Imtiaz, Tamgha-e-Quaid-i-Azam, was an eminent Urdu artist, author, writer, supporter, interpreter, faultfinder, scientist, language specialist and word specialist of Pakistan.

Conceived in Delhi, Haqqee procured his BA from Aligarh Muslim University. He acquired a Master’s in English writing from St. Stephen’s College, Delhi.[citation needed] His dad, Ehtashamuddin Haqqee, composed short stories, an investigation of Hafez, Tarjuman-ul-Ghaib, an interpretation of Diwan-i-Hafiz in verse and incorporated a dictionary.[citation needed]

Haqqee recounted his first ghazal at a yearly wonderful social event of St. Stephen’s College.

Kya Aap Paanchvi Fail Champu Hain? is a diversion show on Indian Television and a farce on STAR Plus Show, Kya Aap Paanchvi Pass Se Tez Hain? which in English means “Would you say you are Dumber than a fifth Grade Failure?”

The Sitara-i-Imtiaz (Urdu: ستارۂ امتياز‎), likewise spelled as Sitara-e-Imtiaz (English: Star of Excellence), is the third most astounding honor and regular citizen grant in the State of Pakistan. It perceives people who have made a “particularly exemplary commitment to the security or national hobbies of Pakistan, world peace, social or other noteworthy open tries”.

This honor is not constrained to the nationals of Pakistan, and it can likewise be recompensed to outside natives in view of their accomplishments and administrations done to the State of Pakistan. While, it is a non military personnel grant, it can likewise be honored to military officers of the Pakistan Defense Forces worn on their uniform for acknowledgment of their administrations to the nation. Like different recompenses, it is a profoundly confined and prestigious grant just given to the individuals who have done incredible administrations to the nation. It is a standout amongst the most recognized common enhancements to the regular people who have made remarkable commitment in their regarded fields, for example, writing, expressions, games, pharmaceutical, or science, which provoked the acknowledgment of the nation on universal level. It is given to a man who has fulfilled obligation past what is allocated to him/her. To get this respect, the people are relied upon to show prominence and be extraordinary in giving great administration in a critical field of action past what they are appointed to.

For officers in the military, it is given after recognized administration, and is additionally the most noteworthy decoration that can be granted to those at the rank of Brigadier-General or Major-General in the (Army), Air-Commodores or Air Vice-Marshals in the (Air Force) and Commodore or Rear-Admiral in the (Navy, Coast Guard, and Marines). The Parliament’s Committee for Award and Recognition Services for State of Pakistan, chooses the names of people and sends last answer to the Prime priest of Pakistan. On counsel of the Prime pastor, the President sorts out a vivid service that is broadcast and show by the Pakistan Television Corporation. The grant is generally given to people one by one and not in gatherings in light of the fact that the entire motivation behind the grant is to survey the beneficiary’s individual capacities in second to none.

The honor is a circle of brilliant Jasminum which remains between two to five purposes of the star, and is additionally of immaculate gold. The star is as a five pointed star, with extra splendid hued Jasminum filling in space between purposes of the star. Amidst the star, a very much cleaned green emerald periphery fills within the brilliant star. A littler brilliant star is arranged amidst the emerald field.

An extraordinary evaluation of the decoration/honor has bigger execution of the same award plan worn as a star on the left mid-section. Furthermore, it is worn as a scarf on the right shoulder, with its rosette [yellow with white (for regular people) or/green (for military officers just) with white and yellow edge, bearing the focal plate of the award at its center] laying on the left hip. At the formal function, both decorations can be worn in the meantime relying on the individual’s accomplishments. The decoration is suspended on a lace, dull green shading with a light yellow and white focal stripe with white edge stripes.

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