LAHORE – Google has collaborated with Indian Ministry of Urban Development to settle the issue of poor sanitation in the nation. It has as of late propelled open can locator on Google maps in the capital city of Delhi.

As per media reports, individuals in Delhi have been empowered to get to 5,162 toilets on the computerized delineate looking “open can”.

The venture was propelled after broadly talked about issue of open crap in India. In a report by World Health Organization (WHO), Southern Asia has the most elevated number of open defecators in nations including India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

The Indian administration of Narendra Modi propelled a Community Led Environmental Action Network or CLEAN-India battle that imagines development of a large number of toilets in the nation to enhance sanitation while putting a conclusion to open poo inside four years.

Another overview recommends that roughly 70 percent individuals in India don’t have admittance to toilets inside their families which makes them crap in outside in this manner dirtying the earth.

The activity is required to spread in different conditions of the nation additionally, be that as it may, the administration has just been given in Delhi and Madhya Pradesh starting yet. Both Android and iOS clients will have the capacity to hunt restrooms in English and also the Hindu dialect.

Then, Sanket Gupta who is the Product Manager at Google Maps said, “Finding an open latrine can challenge in Delhi and regularly the main alternative is going to close-by eateries and bistros.”

She proposed that now individuals will have the capacity to see a rundown of restrooms close-by and the separate address and opening hours will likewise be said.


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