Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 21 November 2016 Full Video Episode, The Episode begins with Rajeev telling Chanchal that she is playing right, what’s her arrangement now. She says I don’t know how policed come, I think Veer won’t release this case ahead and we will get any sum. Rajeev says we can request cash and plan our infant’s future, in what manner will I raise infant without employment. Naina hears them and gets stunned. Raghav offers shoes to Dadi. She supposes how she has thumped him. He covers her with shawl and takes her.

Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 21 November 2016 Full Video Episode

Sudha asks Veer are you affirm, demonstrate to me your eyes, its red. He says I m fine, my eyes are red as I m tired, its moronic mishap. His father says that lady is pregnant, on the off chance that anything happens, you will go imprison. Veer contends. Balraj says quiet down, did they ask anything, did you say them. Veer says no. Balraj requests that he keep mouth close.

Sudha asks Rajeev how might they adjust, Veer mistook. Rajeev asks you think we are eager to take cash. Sudha cries. Balraj converses with Rajeev to settle the matter out of court and tries persuading him.

Veer requests that Sudha not cry. Raghav and Dadi come. Raghav asks Veer what happened. Veer says nothing, everyone is going overboard. Assessor gets some information about the mishap, simply affirm it. Naina comes there. Raghav sees her. Naina says there has been misconception. Naina and Raghav see each other and say Aap… . Naina says there was no mischance, Chanchal is my sister in law, she is totally fine, there is no compelling reason to capture back, we are taking case back. Rajeev asks what’s going on with you. Veer says I let you know, see. Rajeev chides Veer and says Naina was not there, she spared you.

Rajeev takes Naina. Naina says Chanchal is fine. He says quiets down, you are disturbing us, they were terrified and would have given me cash, Chanchal said I lost employment, why did you say. She says they are Mehra family. He says I simply need their cash. She says they are those Mehra family by whom Maa’s operation happened, Maa is alive as a result of them. He asks what, stunning, this is lottery, given them a chance to do philanthropy on my better half and youngster. She says Maa is alive as a result of them, wrong will be wrong, I won’t bolster falsehoods, be it anybody.

He asks whats wrong, do Chanchal and child not hold any significance. She says don’t lie, I heard it, Chanchal is fine, you are making her demonstration, disgrace on you, I know you have gaining weight, it doesn’t mean you utilize the family by whom Maa and I got a moment youngster, we ought to be grateful to them. Dadi looks on. Rajeev says appreciative my foot, be far from my matter. Nurture calls Rajeev and he goes. Naina gets miserable.

Naina sees Raghav. They go out. He says thanks to her for sparing his family. She says Veer did not do any deliberate mischance, my Maa is alive as a result of you, my mum’s operation happened in view of your family. He asks how could you know this. She says you told your name and I comprehended seeing you with your family, you cherish them right. He grins and says yes, I don’t know how to reimburse support, in the event that I could accomplish something. She says I have cerebral pain, I need espresso. He says I will take you. She says on one condition, my treat. He says its great to have free espresso, come. They go to bistro. Raghav gets espresso.