LAHORE (Web Desk) – There has to a great extent been a blended reaction to the lift of restriction on screening Indian films in Pakistan. A few people have hailed the choice while others are incensed.

No big surprise Indian performers have respected the boycott lift saying that the result will be gainful for both nations. In this regard, Bollywood entertainers including Anil Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra and Kajol have appreciated the part of Pakistani film proprietors.

Restriction on screening Bollywood movies lifted in Pakistan

The Bollywood star Priyanka Chopra who has additionally worked in a couple of Hollywood endeavors remarked, “”Art ought to go over the world. I have dependably trusted that. Along these lines, I am happy about it.”

Another Bollywood performing artist Kajol respected the advancement by inviting it as a positive sign. While admitting to the monetary and business worries of the film creators and distributers, famous people in India have to a great extent demonstrated great vibes. Amid the strains amongst India and Pakistan, Kajol s spouse Ajay Devgan had told media, “Pakistani artistes are great, however we need to show solidarity with our troopers.”

In any case, a Twitter slant in Pakistan recommends precisely the inverse. Individuals are continually tweeting on hashtag #BanBollywood. Some have even ventured to announce that Indian media ventures purposeful publicity through their films in the neighboring country.


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