LAHORE (Web Desk) – Taimur Junaid, child of Junaid Jamshed, shared a photograph of his dad on Facebook amid Sunday.

The enthusiastic post comprised of a photo of Junaid Jamshed alongside petitions for him. Taimur Junaid shared recollections from the past that he had with his darling father.

Taimur recollected Junaid Jamshed as a father who was dependably there for his kids in spite of the bustling timetable. Indeed, even now and again when he was not home, his relatives including him realized that he wasn’t going anyplace. “We knew he wasn t going anyplace. Whether we needed to meet him or tell anything, he ll be there, much the same as a father would be for his children”, he reviewed.

On a lighter note, Taimur advised how his dad used to brighten up the family with a little funniness. Once Junaid ridiculed how his family made him bring garments from outside the house before it rained so they don’t get wet, amid the London remain.

Taimur specified the Namaz-e-Janaza of his dad which had an expansive social occasion. He understood amid the burial service that his dad was something more than simply being his father. Junaid Jamshed had enormous regard in each stroll of life. He reminded everybody that he was continually appealing to God for them.

Curiously however, Junaid Jamshed realized that his time was up, as indicated by his child. While answering to one of his partner, he remarked that he had a great deal to do with little time remaining. Taimur proposed that his dad appealed to God for Shahadat while working in His direction.

The post finished up with an occurrence that was advised by Junaid Jamshed’s partner to his child. It happened amid one of the bayans by Junaid in Chitral when he halted and requested that everybody speak Ameen. Junaid additionally went ahead to state a petition for himself, “May Allah allow me suffering.”

Junaid Jamshed had kicked the bucket in the plane crash of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) flight PK-661 which brought about death of every one of the 48 travelers locally available. Junaid s child Taimur appealed to God for his dad s pardoning and respect in the Facebook post.


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