Qubool Hai 14 September 2015 Full Dailymotion Video

Indian drama Qubool Hai 14 September 2015 Written Update, online Qubool Hai 4 July 2015 Precap Promo, Online watch Qubool Hai 14 September Indian Drama, Free Download Qubool Hai 14 September, Youtube Video Links Qubool Hai 14 September . Qubool Hai 14 September 2015 . The story is organized in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India and was moved concentrating on the life of Asad and Zoya’s girl, Sanam. The story moved was moved again to Bhopal in May 2015 with Sanam heading at the city where her guards existed and the presentation of her AWOL Qubool Hai 14 September 2015 Full Episode.

Qubool Hai 14 September 2015 Full Dailymotion Video

Qubool Hai 14 September 2015 Today Episode The story took after the Presently, the story took a 10 year jump and reflects the pros with an irritated preadult hood. Right when their ways wake of continuing with a troublesome life in Punjab with her grandma Dilshad and cousin, Haya (Najma and Imraan’s girl), Sanam moves to Bhopal Qubool Hai 14 September 2015 to end up which was the past home of her guardians and the present house. Her association with Aahil soon winds up being not kidding as he obstructs her with his outlook and scorn. The two appear to continue battling continually over evidently immaterial issues persistently. In any case, when Sanam squashes his internal voice and Aahil winds Qubool Hai 14 September 2015 up sparing Sanam when she was assaulted her. Finally, he experiences excited affections for Sanam. It is uncovered that Aahil is the the late Nawab’s property for her trademark young person, Rehaan, and along these lines tries to control Aahil to capacity as as she comes to

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In the Ibrahim, home, Tanveer sees Sanam and Aahil getting closer and is panicked about their relationship. She gets the property and legitimate records orchestrated and perseveres Aahil to sign them. Aahil abatements to sign the papers immediately, as he may need to break his relationship with Sanam. He experiences a far reaching measure of misery. Sanam likewise rots to stating that her life can be in risk on the off chance that she doesn’t.

At the beginning after the marriage, Aahil turns fresh towards Sanam. Sanam discovers a customary sidekick in Qubool Hai 14 September 2015 Rehaan, who is an accomplice in Aahil’s business and his step-kinfolk. She runs over a room that fit in with her gatekeepers and tries to discover reality about her guards’ passing. At present scanning for support from Qubool Hai 4 July 2015 Written Update Rehaan, in this errand, she becomes closer to him, yet not in a contemplative manner (despite the way that it is shown that Rehaan has affections for Sanam). Regardless, Aahil befuddles their relationship and stands up to Sanam about it. In spite of her turning down his request, he acts gravely with Rehaan saying that he ought to stay 14 September 2015 the domain unendingly, telling Tanveer additionally, that he may need to help her in her adroitness deeds and that he needn’t trouble with a property.

By then, Haya, the hard of hearing and not ready to talk cousin of Sanam is seen in a troublesome life in the spot of Munisa, an insidiousness householder. She is made to do all the errands like a slave. Rahat, Munisa’s kinfolk secures her occasionally. Haya and Rahat become pitiably entranced with one another, however are counteracted by Faiz, Rahat’s more adolescent kinfolk. After an arrangement of scenes, Faiz succumbs to Haya and gives his will to wed her. With a psyche boggling heart, Rahat gets Haya and Faiz wedded. Amidst the wedding, Tanveer lets out a terrible gas in Dilshad’s room recalling the choosing destination and is review all the occasions that happened in the midst soon enough, he alludes to change. Sanam oversees him until he gets well and amidst this period, she begins considering him. Aahil in like way begins venerating her over again. Sanam gets to contemplate Aahil’s lamenting past in his childhood and brings him out of it, saying that he ought to make headway with ahead with his life and not obliterate his future by ideals of his past.

It is also seen that Seher, Sanam’s twin sister has entered Bhopal. Seher is dashing and forefront youngster raised by a couple included in con works out. Seher besides becomes in their strides, under a trade name, Sunehri. Rehaan experiences with her and in the wake of seeing his money related status, Sunehri approaches to plunder him. She pollutes her character and begins living with him as his business accessory. She tries to get each opportunity to open his safe locker yet her internal character limits her from doing so. She begins to fall head once again heels in love for Rehaan, by seeing his unadulterated heart and hatred run, both of them experience enthusiastic affections for one another, yet Sunehri’s veritable character is revealed to Rehaan by policemen. Sunehri remembers her oversight saying that she is to verify a con-lady. Rehaan gets crushed and close the association with her.

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