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Rocky Handsome Description

The motion picture plots amidst Goa town where Kabir “Rough” Ahlawat (John Abraham) carries on with a sound life by running a pawn shop. His adjacent neighbor is Anna (Nathalia Kaur) whose little girl is Naomi (Diya Chalwad) who is into taking calling since her mom is a medication junkie and a bar artist. She builds up a sound sentiment care with Rocky and calls him “Attractive” lovingly. Rough excessively gets enthusiastic towards Naomi and she much of the time dines with Rocky in spite of her mom’s dissatisfaction. Then ACP Dilip from Anti Narcotics office needs to get the medication organizations out of Goa and requests inputs where he finds that the primary medication kingpin is Mantoo who is the preeminent medication master and maintains the whole Heroine business in Goa. He is bolstered by two intense siblings Kevin and Luke who manage drugs as well as with mass racquet of organ reaping and they have an expert professional killer named Attila who conveys the same at Luke/Kevin’s charge.

One night Anna and her accessory arrangement to take drugs from a transfer which is to be taken care of by Mantoo’s thugs Bigshow and his nearby vendor. They succeed in doing as such and Anna conceals the medications in a camera and pawns her to Rocky. The loss of relegation chafes Mantoo and he summons Kevin at his place and mortifies him gravely and gives him three days to recoup the specimen dispatch. A mortified Kevin walk backs and calls his sibling Luke to enroll the stolen drugs. Luke and Attila finds reality and achieve Anna’s place where Luke torment Anna and discovers she had pawned the camera to Rocky. Luke sends Attila to recoup the camera wherein he finds that Bigshow and merchant were at that point battling with Rocky for the ownership of the camera unsuccessfully. Rough harms Bigshow however obliged to handover the camera to Luke when he tells both Naomi and her mom are his hostage. Before Leaving Attila shoots Bigshow dead to outline Rocky blameworthy and leaves a cellphone showing that he will get a call quickly from his supervisors. Rough gets a call from Kevin to make a conveyance to Mantoo consequently he will set Anna and Naomi free. Rough goes to convey the medications to Mantoo where he finds that police had as of now assaulted Mantoo’s safe house with a tip-off from Kevin. Kevin calls Mantoo and tells that Mantoo is destined and Kevin is the new medication master of Goa. Mantoo flees from his fort and Rocky pursues him in that pursuit he was captured by police wherein they were stunned to see Anna’s body with every one of her organs collected in Rocky’s auto. In the interim Kevin discovers Mantoo and fiercely kills him taking every one of his organs collected.