Russian firm milks chilly US-Kremlin ties with ‘Little Obama’ ice cream

The item, called “Obamka” in Russian, is coated with chocolate and its wrapping includes a picture of a grinning youthful African kid, wearing an ear ring and holding a frozen yogurt.

With relations at a post-Cold War low since Russia’s 2014 addition of Crimea and its military intercession in Syria, Russian state media and genius Kremlin activists have regularly upbraided and ridiculed President Barack Obama in wording that U.S. authorities have portrayed as bigot and annoying.

The organization that makes the dessert, Slavitsa, said in an announcement that it was a piece of a reach went for kids highlighting “bright” characters.

“With various flavors and coatings, the dessert symbolizes the primary races of individuals on our planet,” it said, including that the photo of the kid had been propelled by a Soviet film.

“Frozen yogurt names should be huge. For those with a rich creative ability, different affiliations may emerge, yet this item is for youngsters and is far from governmental issues.”

A U.S. official, who declined to be named on account of the subject’s affectability, told Reuters he saw the frozen yogurt as a major aspect of an aggravating example.

“While I haven’t seen this specific item available to be purchased, we are frustrated by the media-driven hostile to Americanism that has turned out to be so common in Russia in the course of recent years, especially when it tackles an unfair or supremacist twisted,” the authority said.

Slavitsa is situated in Krasnoyarsk, a Siberian city that hit the features a month ago after a bistro committed to Vladimir Putin opened there, baiting guests with many photos of the Russian president.

The bistro elements Obama’s face on tissue in its restrooms, while latrine mats bear the shades of the U.S. banner.