Saya-e-Dewar Bhi Nahi (Urdu: سائہ دیوار بھی نہیں‎ ; lit Not Even a Shadow of Wall) is an up and coming Pakistani show serial planned to air on Hum TV on 10 August 2016 succeeding Dil-e-Beqarar. It is coordinated by Shehzad Kashmiri and composed by Qaisara Hayat taking into account her novel of same name. It stars Ahsan Khan and Naveen Waqar in primary parts.
In a meeting Ahsan said, “the dramatization is not based romantic tale of a kid and a young lady rather it has religious message wonderfully install into it,

I began watching this dramatization with not very many desires and the essential explanation behind tuning into SDBN was Ahsan Khan since he has really inspired me with his acting in show serial Udaari. I should say however that even with these desires today’s scene was a finished let down particularly as far as acting. Today evening time’s scenes was loaded with passionate scenes yet they neglected to leave an effect on the grounds that those performing artists who appeared to be fine in a typical setting couldn’t experience the requests of these scenes. Indeed, even with an exceptionally skilled chief driving this group, today’s scene was loaded with average exhibitions and cases which weren’t anything but difficult to associate with.

Shehla chose to go to Tahira’s home to converse with her – an advancement which had multitudinous fortuitous events shockingly. The watchmen in both the houses neglected to do their obligation. Shehla figured out how to slip out of her home and slipped into Tahira’s home without being spotted. After that everything that Shehla did was a urgent demonstration to guarantee that this marriage ought not happen and it was simply because of her visit to Tahira’s home that this issue was brought before the jirga. The young lady who was acquainted with us in the initial two scenes was altogether different from the young lady who was demonstrated today evening time. Shehla was constantly exceptionally cognizant about what was normal from her yet in the wake of discovering that she was embraced and she would never wed Haider she accomplished something which was totally against her temperament – I understand that – however Shehla’s state of mind when she went to meet Tahira was abnormal. Shehla was to a great degree sure and beyond any doubt this was the right move. The jirga scene later on demonstrated this was really an intense matter. On the off chance that Shehla was truly brought by these guardians up in that house then she ought to have been very much familiar with the results of her activities consequently it makes you ask why she didn’t simply get the telephone to converse with Tahira!! This advancement in the story which was the deciding element in this track was secured unconvincingly. The performing artist playing Tahira was blank all through and her monotone discourse conveyance made it unthinkable for me to feel anything for her. Naveen Waqar’s acting was ‘befuddling’!


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