SC allows urgent hearing on Ayyan Ali's ECL plea

ISLAMABAD – Supreme Court (SC) on Wednesday acknowledged model Ayyan Ali’s supplication for critical becoming aware of request looking for lifting of travel boycott.

Three-part seat headed by Justice Saqib Nisar will begin knowing about request from Thursday.

Prior, zenith court had rejected comparable supplication by model.

Ayyan Ali additionally submitted Sindh High Court’ (SHC) arrange and different reports with respect to her consideration in examination relating to traditions controller kill case.

In November 2015, a traditions court arraigned Ayyan for endeavoring to carry the greater part a million dollars in real money out of the nation, to which she has argued not liable.

Ayyan Ali was captured on the night of March 14 as she held up in a VIP airplane terminal parlor in Islamabad before her Dubai flight. While Pakistani law bans any traveler from extending $10,000, examiners say they discovered $506,800 tucked into her gear.

She was conceded safeguard in July a year ago in the wake of spending around four months in Adiala Jail in Rawalpindi. Prior to this, her legal remand was reached out no less than 16 times.


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