Shakti 21 November 2016 Colors Tv Full Episode, The Episode begins with Surbhi crying. Beeji requests that her not cry. Surbhi says she couldn’t satisfy her last duty and tells that before her marriage, Nimmi said … a fb is appeared, Nimmi says Harman is Soumya’s rakshak, yet now I can state that you are additionally her rakshak.

Shakti 21 November 2016 Colors Tv Full Episode

She requests that her guarantee and be with Soumya continually, ensuring her. Fb closes. Beeji tells Surbhi that she will deal with every one of her obligations. Surbhi cries. Varun calls her and inquires as to whether Harman left from that point. Surbhi says yes, he cleared out. Varun expresses gratitude toward her and requests that her call him in the event that she needs anything. Surbhi to going to educate him concerning Harman bringing Soumya with him, however he closes the call. Beeji requests that Surbhi call Varun. Varun tells Preeto that Harman left. Preeto gets cheerful. Varun picks the call, Beeji lets him know everything.

A fb is appeared, Maninder prevents Soumya from going into inside the house, and Harman assuming her liability. Varun grins and requests that Beeji not stress. Beeji approaches him to keep Soumya for some days in their home. Varun guarantees. He goes to his room and thinks everything will be stunned seeing Soumya here. He supposes to appreciate the show. Maninder cautions Surbhi and Beeji not to consider acquiring Soumya back the house. He says on the off chance that you attempt to bring her in those days I will make her stay on street. Surbhi gets irate and packs her sacks. Beeji asks what you are doing?

Maninder additionally asks her what she is doing? Surbhi says she will make home in the city and says she won’t remain in his home. She packs her sacks and requests that Beeji join her. Maninder tosses her pack and says I will perceive how you will go. Bebe takes a gander at Surbhi and goes. Beeji requests that Surbhi hear her. Surbhi cries.

Beeji requests that her quiet down, and let Maninder say whatever he needs. She says once Nimmi additionally attempted to flee with both of you, yet couldn’t go out. She says this had happened ordinarily, then Nimmi balanced gradually. She asks until when you will flee. Surbhi says she can’t hold up under at whatever point anybody speaks awful about Soumya. Beeji tells that great things will happen with Soumya and requests that her not stress. Surbhi says yes, you said right. She yells Maninder Singh… turn out.

Maninder and Bebe turns out. Maninder asks what is this rubbish? Bebe asks you are calling your dad by his name, have you gone frantic. Surbhi tells Maninder that she… Nimmi’s girl grabs Soumya and her’s appropriate from him. She partitions the house into two… Shakti tune plays… … .A fb is appeared, Bebe doing likewise years back. Surbhi says this house is isolated into two, that side is yours and dadi, and this side is nani and me. She says Soumya can come and remain next to me at whatever time, I will see who stops her. Maninder looks on irately.

Bebe asks what is this frenzy Surbhi. Surbhi says you have done likewise segment in our youth, then it was not frenzy. Maninder says you are doing segment with your father. Surbhi says when a father can do, why not a little girl. She says you can’t stop it regardless of the possibility that you need it.