Shani 21 November 2016 Colors Tv Full Episode Video, Vykthagandh (the butterfly Asura, expresses gratitude toward Santhosh ? ) tells Shani he welcomed his passing by testing him. You wont go to Acharya alive. Shani assaults him before he can. Vykthagandh tumbles down and is in agony. Yam and Yami stop in their tracks listening to the sound.

Shani 21 November 2016 Colors Tv Full Episode Video

Kakol obstructs Yami’s direction. She tumbles down. Yam swings to take a gander at her. Kakol takes off before Yam can do anything. Yam hurries to his sister. She is in torment as she got hurt. I need to go home. Yam is in an alter.

Shani goes to Vykthagandh. It regards take after Guru’s request yet showcasing your quality isn’t right. This is the thing that happens to a self-important individual. On the off chance that you commit this error again then recall that Shani neither overlooks nor pardons. Vykthagandh’s armed force of Asuras reach there. Shani takes a gander at them and after that at Vykthagandh before he

Chhaya is concerned for Yam and Yami. Yam enters only then with Yami who is limping. Chhaya hurries to her side. How could you get hurt? Yami loses cognizance. Chhaya asks Yam where they both were. How did Yami got hurt? Let me know something. Why are you calm? Yam answers that they went in wilderness after her. Is there something which you need to let us know? Chhaya is shocked. Why did you go there without my authorization? Yam says we needed to know why you go there. I addressed your inquiries. Presently you explain to me why you go to wilderness. Chhaya is going to answer when Yami says something. She picks up cognizance and embraces her mom. I was truly terrified. There were numerous Asuras there. One Asura preceded me seeing whom I tumbled down. He wont come here, isn’t that so? Chhaya guarantees her nobody is here. What else did you see there? Yami says nothing else. Chhaya gets diminished. Yami says I tumbled down observing that Asura and got hurt. She cries. Chhaya blows on her injury. It implies they dint see Shani. Yam asks his mom for what reason she dint answer any of his inquiries. Why do you go there? Chhaya gets up and holds Yami. Seniors do parcel numerous things which they don’t believe is on the right track to tell kids. I do go in wilderness. I never let you know as that place isn’t sheltered. He says it is ok for you then why not for us. She says it is more essential to deal with my little girl at this moment then noting your inquiries. She got into inconvenience in view of her senior sibling’s absurdity. Go and get herbs. Yam goes. Chhaya supposes she redirected Yam today however till when she will have the capacity to conceal Shani’s truth from them.

Kakol asks Shani where he is going. Shani says it is the ideal opportunity for mother to turn out. Kakol says mother, horse however then goes calm. He supposes Shani will be harmed in the event that he wont discover his mom at home. I should accomplish something. He commends Shani on his battle with Asura a few seconds ago. Each Asura would have known I am your vahan in the event that you had kept me with you. Shani again instructs him to head home. Mother must come. Kakol thinks to hold Shani by one means or another till mother comes back from Shani Mahal.

Chhaya is with Yami. Yam is sitting adjacent as well. She sees it is nightfall. Shani must sit tight for me. She asks Yami how she is feeling. Yami answers that it is harming less at this point. Chhaya wishes to leave for her supplications yet Yami asks for her against it for today evening time. I am truly terrified. Chhaya says why be terrified in your home. My girl is extremely overcome. Yam is additionally here. It is critical for me to go. I will be back before morning. Surya Dev gets out for her and comes there. A mother guaranteed me to do her obligations towards her children’s years back. Shockingly, she herself doesn’t recall that them today. Is your petition greater than your child’s emotions? Chhaya says it is for my children as it were. You know it extremely well. Surya Dev says your choice is in your grasp. Think about a mother’s obligation when her child is harmed. He leaves in outrage. Chhaya is in tears. Yam and Yami see her consequently. I wont have the capacity to go to Shani today. Ruler please guard him.

Shani returns and gets out for his mom. He sees the blind is separated. I shut it myself. Did somebody come here in my nonattendance? An Asura? Kakol obstructs his direction. Enlighten me concerning your experience with Asuras till mother turns out. Is it accurate to say that you weren’t frightened of them? Shani instructs him to be tranquil. He at last evacuates the window ornament and is left stunned to see the place exhaust. Mother isn’t here! Where is she then? Did those Asuras snatch her? He requests that Kakol come. We need to discover mother. She may get into some inconvenience. He all of a sudden reviews Kakol discussing mother and steed. He gazes at Kakol in outrage. Where is mother? Kakol says she should be around. She may have gone outside to search for you. There is nothing to stress. Shani requests to know truth. There is something that you know yet I don’t. You were saying something in regards to mother and steed however you occupied the subject. Let me know what you are covering up. Kakol mishandles. Shani demands to know just truth. Kakol says she isn’t here however I know where she is. Shani’s eyes broaden in stun.

Yami awakens all of a sudden. Chhaya guarantees her she is with her. She advises Yam to go and rest in his room as it is late. Yam goes. Yami requests that her mom sing children’s song. Chhaya gets pitiful. Shani excessively should hold up, making it impossible to hear my bedtime song there.