Swaragini 7 September 2015 Full Episode Online

Swaragini 7 September 2015 Written Update The story turns around the life of two families living in Kolkata, one being a Marwari family and other being a Bengali team. Swara is a present day, liberal, lively and an enthusiastic young woman who has a spot with the Bengali group. Of course, Ragini is a humble, held and a standard young woman who hails from the Marwari posse. Regardless of the way that neighbors, both the families are whole deal adversaries and fight on all issues. Swaragini 7 September 2015 Full Episode One day Swara meets a present day, yet terrible mannered young fellow, Lakshya, who hails from the rich Maheshwari posse. They get the opportunity to be enemies the day they meet. Swara soon finds that Shekhar, Ragini’s father, is in like manner her father, and he and Swara’s mother, Sharmishtha, were beguiled 20 years back, however since of particular circumstances were detached. Swara finds that Laksh is Ragini’s approaching mate, and does all that she can to raise Lakshya’s veritable identity.

Swaragini 7 September 2015 Full Episode Online

Swaragini 7 September 2015 Precap Promo When Durga Prasad gets a few answers concerning Swara being Shekhar and Sharmishtha’s daughter, he comes to get reality from the family themselves. Swaraginitake guarantee that they would do anything to rejoin their pack.

Swaragini 8 August 2015 Promo Later, Lakshya obliges them also, in rejoining Shekhar and Sharmishtha. Finally, after much talks they succeed in doing all things considered, as Shekhar and Sharmishtha get hitched. Nevertheless, in the midst of this, Lakshya turns out to be pitifully enchanted with Swara without knowing it. On the other hand, Sanskaar (Varun Kapoor) returns, who had been a long way from his family for five long years. Regardless, his desires are canny, be that as it may he acts bizarre, yet he needs to crush the Maheshwari family (excepting his team). Lakshya tries to propose Swara however before doing as being what is indicated, Annapurna Maheshwari and Parvati Gadodia decide to marry Lakshya with Ragini. Plans begin for their engagement. In the midst of this, Lakshya reveals reality to Swara and Sharmistha. Knowing this, Sharmishtha showings to pass out in the midst of the engagement so that the engagement stops. A little while later, Shekhar and Parvati get some answers concerning the objectives of Sharmishtha and Swara who are desperately endeavoring to reveal reality to the Gadodia group. On finding that Lakshya appreciates Swara and that he got organized the wedding only for Sanskaar, Ragini escapes in fear and meets with an incident, however soon recovers. Ragini, who is at present made plans to win back her warmth (Lakshya), plots to seize her with Sanskaar, in the midst of which Swara is forced to purport her reverence towards Laksh.

Swaragini 7 September 2015 Dailymotion Sanskaar gets the element and sends it to every person from Gadodia and Maheshwari group. In light of this, both Swara and Laksh are irritated extremely. The scene wipes away when Laksh reveals the genuine truth. In any case, Sanskaar was adequately sharp and he got Laksh arrested.Swara exhibited laksh immaculate and roused durgaprasad decides to get laksh married to swara. Jealous of this, Ragini decides to change her and swara’s looks.

The present track shows marriage of Lakshya and Swara in which Ragini makes issues with the help of Sanskaar and Sujata.

Swaragini 7 September 2015 Playwire Ragini, each and every time, endeavored to make scorn for Swara in Laksh’s heart,but failed each time in light of the way that laksh’s unlimited love and trust on Swara. The wedding services begini with Swara and Laksh engagement, mehendi and sangeet in which ragini drugs Swara and she moves wildly before maheshwari and gadodia group.

Swaragini 7 September 2015 HD Video By then there is a mahayudh of sasural simar ka and swaragini. Ragini takes the help of a Dayan Mohini to stop the marriage. She does her dim charm yet it is not compelling. Mohini captures Prem and searching for him, Simar comes to Kolkata and takes the help of swara to get prem again from the dayan’s trap. Mohini was basically going to kill Swara however sanskar saves’


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