Tum Mere Kya Ho (Urdu: تم میرے کیا ھو‎; lit:Who are you of mine), is a Pakistani sentiment dramatization serial that is airing on PTV Home since October 14, 2015. Composed by Mehrunisa Mustaqeem Khan, it is coordinated by Siraj-ul-Haque. The show stars Sajjal Ali, Mikaal Zulfiqar and Kiran Haq. The dramatization show week by week on Thursdays.

Tum Mere Kya Ho portrays the romantic tale of Ahmer(Mikaal Zulfikar) and Hina(Sajjal Ali). Ahmer is a widower and a solitary guardian to Heera, while Hina is the main little girl Mr.Ahmed who is utilized with Ahmer. Ahmer and Ahmed offer a cheerful relationship. Hina is locked in to an eager man with a similarly avaricious family. On her big day her future father-in-law requests a cosmic share which prompts erosion and results in her dad’s demise. In his final gasp Ahmed asks for Ahmer to be a gatekeeper to Hina and deal with her. Ahmer advises Hina to regard her fathers wishes and stay at his home with his family. She denies and keeps on living in her fathers house until one night when she is just about assulted by her ex-fiancee.


Fortunately, Ahmer touches base at the scene and salvages Hina. He demands that Hina ought to now move to his home as it is more secure. Hina, regardless of introductory troubles, sweetly settles in the family unit. She develops to a great degree near the individuals from the fly including Ahmer’s senior sister and residential help. She is grows a unique affection for his girl Hira. She takes great consideration of the house. Thus and unconsciously Ahmer begins to look all starry eyed at her. Hina additionally creates affections for Ahmer, however neither admit. Now Ahmer’s old companion Maheen makes a reentry in his life subsequent to separating her significant other Khalid and deserting her child Esa. It doesn’t take long for Maheen to understand that Ahmer has succumbed to Hina. She utilizes a web of ploys, untruths and trickery to persuade Ahmer that her significant other is an impulsive abuser, fakes a suicide to pick up passage in Ahmer’s home at the same time disregarding supplications from her better half to come back to UK to her child who is presently truly sick. Since Maheen realizes that Ahmer is permanently enamored with Hina, she generally continues advising him that he is atleast 10 years more seasoned than Hina. A marriage between unequals will wreck Hina. Ahmer adores Hina an excessive amount to demolish her. Ahmer welcomes that Hina deals with the family so well. Once when Hina sends a lunch box Ahmer is overpowered. Ridden with desire, Maheen proposes that Hina ought to join a school. All concur and Hina begins college instruction. There she meets Mustaqeem and he succumbs to Hina. At the point when Maheen discovers that Mustaqeem cherishes Hina she investigates every possibility to make a match between the two. Admist this turmoil she persuades Ahmer to wed her thinking that the best way to get Hina’s agree for marriage to Mustaqeem would be after Ahmer weds. Hina declines to wed Mustaqeem however yields when Ahmer settles on the choice for her. So Hina is locked in to Mustaqeem and Maheen to Ahmer. All goes well until Maheen’s big day. Ahmer gets all call illuminating him about Esa’s demise. He somewhat points the finger at himself since at the same time he pursued Maheen, Esa had missed his mom. He cancels the wedding and breaks all ties with Maheen. Maheen is smashed and understands that her wrongdoings had driven everybody to wretchedness, particularly Ahmer and Hina. After a brief time of grieving, it is chosen to proceed with the other wedding. Ahmer tells Ani that Hina’s wedding ought to be a lavish occasion. At the point when Ani asks him whether he has purchased a present for Hina he answers that ‘all that he has a place with Hina’. Hina catches this and acknowledges how much Ahmer adores her. In any case, its past the point where it is possible to express her affection. Maheen tries her best to unite Ahmer and Hina however fizzles as Hina stops her. At long last as the day shut in, it gets to be terrible for both to manage the misfortune. Ahmer understands that he needs to proceed onward with life. On the big day to goes to fill in as common promising Hina that he would be in time for the wedding. Rather the police arrive proclaming Ahmer’s passing. Hina is crazy and runs out just to discover Ahmer returning home. She grasps him and Mustaqeem understands that Hina adores Ahmer all things considered. He joins them and they wed. In the last shot they leave for their special night as Ahmer tenderly holds her hand and both grin at each other.