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Hear what silence has to say and look into these eyes to find the secrets of unsaid love! Love is everywhere… Sometimes you fail to recognize it!!
But failure is never final where love exists… No matter what relationship it is, love remains real even when the relations are not!
Tum Yaad Aaye – Drama Plot
Love is always in the quest of truth and for sure it is a beautiful thing but many people realize when it’s too late…
Let’s see what all the characters of this story have to say about


“Zaini is a college going girl who is completely engrossed in her studies and is very emotional and hyper sensitive. Being overprotected by her stepfather and step brother, she has very less exposed to the outer world. With the passage of time, she bumps into her relatives whom she had never met before.From this point on, she goes in the quest of finding the true meaning of family and relationships where she gets tangled in love and its reality”. (Sehar Afzal)

“Sherry is someone who lives a simple clear disciplined life. For sherry the most important thing is family and he will do everything and anything to unite his family and to make things right. His love and feelings are pure but the world isn’t.” (Agha Ali)

“Mothers should be bold enough to tell truth about them to their kids; otherwise their children go out to look for that truth and reality.

Things which my character Mehtab tried to hide from her daughter Zaini became the reason of discomfort in her life.” (Sania Saeed)

“I am playing the role of the guy Ahmer with whom the heroine Zaini falls in love with. The love chemistry between 3 of us is just amazing. I am really excited about this unique love triangle which surely will excite you all too..” (Muneeb Butt)

“For me, Yousuf Qamdar holds a very strong and dominant character. He is a step father of Zaini who feels the responsibility of this complex relation and fulfills it more than a real father. This story will give you all a new perspective of what love is..!! (Nadeem Baig)

Phir Teri Kahani Yaad Aayee [Translation: I remembered your story once again] is a Bollywood film released on . It was produced by Jonny Bakshi and Nitin Keni, directed by Mahesh Bhatt, and starred his daughter Pooja Bhatt in the lead female role. The lead male role was played by Rahul Roy. Pooja Bedi and Avtar Gill played supporting roles in the movie.

Alcoholic movie director, Rahul (Rahul Roy) ends up in a Rehabilitation Centre. Once there, he finds out that there is an inmate, Pooja (Pooja Bhatt), who is schizophrenic and has deep ranging mental problems. After an initial clash of personalities, the two become fast friends, and find that they are in love with each other. But Pooja’s paranoia and instability makes any relationship impossible, and as a result she is hospitalized in a mental institution. Shortly thereafter there is a fire at the institution, and Pooja is killed in it. Rahul is devastated by Pooja’s death, and is unable to take her off of his mind. One of his movie actresses, Seema (Pooja Bedi), and his brother Rohit, attempt to divert his mind, without much success. Then Rahul starts getting phone calls from a girl whose voice resembles Pooja’s. Near the end it is found out that Pooja is alive, and she was the one who had burned down the mental institution because “she didn’t like it there”. Rahul and Pooja run away from the cops and Pooja’s dad who wants her back in mental hospital is trying to trace her. They roam the jungle and change places but they are caught by the police in a town and at the climax Pooja snatches a gun from a police officer and shoots herself saying she doesn’t want to go back to the mental hospital, she wants to be with Rahul. Her grandfather and Rahul helplessly watch her die.