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The Episode starts with Agnidev seeing Vajramushti after veena sound breaks the barrier. He says so this magical Asur has trapped Devi Santoshi, he does not know that Devi Santoshi’s powers will fail him, that he has been trapped. Vajramushti dances. Devi Santoshi gets her veena and plays. She is seen playing veena by Agnidev and he smiles. Devi Paulmi comes there and looks on. Vajra mushti looks at the veena and says this does not look that veena which I gave her. He shuts ears and asks Devi Santoshi to stop it. She stops playing veena and smiles.

The sky gets clear. He asks who are you Devi. Devi Santoshi changes into Devi Saraswati. Agnidev smiles. Vajramushti gets shocked. She breaks the shield. Devi Paulmi says Devtas have cheated again. Vajramushti gets angry. Devi Paulmi thinks so Agnidev made this sheld and my words did not reach my son.

Devi Parvati and Devi Laxmi come there too. They all smile. Vajramushti says this is not right, you Devis and Devtas cheated us again. Agnidev says we had to take support of cheat to end cheat, we had no other option. He asks if three Devis are here, where is Devi Santoshi.

Devi Santoshi is sitting on the lotus and sees Santoshi’s real state, how Dhairya is torturing her. She opens eyes. Dhairya asks Santoshi to eat the lemon pickle. Kaka asks him to stop it, don’t challenge anyone’s devotion. Dhairya says Santoshi’s fake devotion made me helpless, Santoshi call your Santoshi Maa to do miracle. Santoshi asks him to be scared of Lord. She asks Santoshi Maa to help her and prays. Santoshi Maa says Santoshi, you did not let devotion diya end in my absence, I m very impressed. She sends a diya to do miracle. Everyone see the lights glowing. The diya flame comes flying and lights the diya by miraculous way. They get shocked. Santoshi thanks Santoshi Maa for keeping respect of her devotion. Kaka says this is called miracle of devotion. Santoshi does the puja. Pratap smiles and looks at Madhu.

Santoshi gives aarti to Kaka and Kaki. Madhu says enough drama. Kaka stops Dhairya and says Maa Santoshi showed drama, where are you going hiding face, you remember the condition. Dhairya recalls it. Santoshi says leave it Kaka, Dhairya can’t do which he said, else he would have not left like this. Madhu asks what does this mean. Kaka says Dhairya promised infront of everyone that if diya is lit, then he will accept Santoshi as his wife.


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