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The episode starts with Abhi and Malay racing their cars. Malay wins race and takes all money from younger brother’s wallet as bet. Abhi brother says he almost had won. Malay says there is nothing like almost, it is should be win or loss and reminds him of race 12 years ago. Abhi reminds him that he went to London 12 years ago because of witch in neighour home. He says watchman says all deads in the area are because of witch.

Debo is shown getting happy seeing rabit playing in garden. Two men come to pick wood from Debo’s house for holika Dahan. One says they came to witch’s house and they both run away throwing wood on rabbit. Debo peeps out of window in a worry and her whole body turns blue. She panics and drops lamp shade. Mamoni comes and Debo asks her to go and check what happened to rabbit. Mamoni asks her not to panic as rabbit will not get alive if she goes there and says she was born premature, so she has some deficiency and her skin turns blue. She asks her to get ready for neem bath now. Debo says she does not want to bath now. Mamoni insists. Debo immerses herself in neem water tub and says she does not like bittergaurd and poppy seeds daily. Mamoni says she is tired or replying same answer and asks her to relax while she goes out for pooja. She locks door from outside, calls her second daughter and asks her to keep an eye on Debo. She then picks pooja thali and leaves. Seocnd daughter yells that mom is worried about Debo always, she calls her friend and says she is coming, and leaves.

Malay tells Abhi that he will get into witch’s house again. Abhi tries to stop him, but he jumps in. He looks at house and thinks they haven’t painted house even after 12 years and it is same when came here 12 years ago. He reminisces entering house 12 years ago, getting into Debo’s room. Debo shouts and he jumps from window and breaks his teeth.

Mamoni goes for holika dahan. Marwari neighbor ladies murmur that she always comes uninvited. Mamoni starts talking to marwari lady forcefully and asks if she will not invite her for tomorrow’s holi party. Lady stands silently. Mamoni asks if Malay and his mom came back says mom must have gone for kali pooja and says it is good being a marwari she follows bengali tradition. She says Malay had barged into her house 12 years ago and had broken his tooth, he must have grown handsome now. Marwari lady leaves. Mamoni thinks she will pester lady until she invites her for party.

Malay breaks Debo’s room lock and enters in. He sees her in bath tub and tries to take selfie. She thinks when will she go out like a normal person.


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