Zindagi Ki Mehek 21 November 2016 Zee Tv Full Episode, Mahek asks Kanta what was the deal? Kanta demonstrates her blurbs of her and Shaurya in pool. Kanta says i let you know we are average people, this is not our reality, you have gotten to resemble them here, need to see more? she requests that Mohit indicate more, Mohit opens his versatile and demonstrates her Mahek and Shaurya on television all over, how Mahek is said to be Shaurya’s sweetheart.

Zindagi Ki Mehek 21 November 2016 Zee Tv Full Episode

Kanta says this is the reason you came here? you brought us affront, Balwant is offended in our general public, i wont have the capacity to leave this sadness as a result of you. Shaurya makes proper acquaintance, if this family dramatization is done then leave, he requests that bodyguards toss them out. Shaurya says enough of your family. he requests that his bodyguard toss these rottenness out of set, his bodyguards cold-bloodedly drag them from that point, Mahek sees Kanta be dragged barbarically out of there,

she is seethed, she comes to Shaurya and slaps him hard, Shaurya’s head is injured by it, Kanta falls on floor yet monitors still drag her out. Mahek supposes this was altogether arranged by Shaurya? he removes her cover and comes to Shaurya. She swings him to her and slaps him hard, Shaurya hits head on bar behind, all are stunned. Shaurya touches his head and sees blood on his head, Mahek says in the event that you mother had slapped you in youth then i wouldnt need to do it, i never thought you would stoop this low to win, you dont should be known as a man in the wake of affronting a young lady, you are only a ruined minx who nobody likes, you think these individuals regard you? they are altogether frightened of you however you are emotionless to the point that you think this is your influence, there just two individuals throughout your life and that is Shaurya and all others, you can do anything with individuals to win, you can make individuals go to imprison in fake cases, offer cash to take respect of young lady, you can spike drink of young lady to ridicule her infront of world, you called me shoddy and double-crosser as i am white collar class, simply look in reflect and on the off chance that you have minimal dignity then you wont have the capacity to take a gander at your face, she tosses blurb all over and says i today leave this challenge, i wont affront my ability being in his challenge, i cannot even breath where you are, do a certain something, after this challenge, have one more challenge to check whether anybody is more modest, sickening man yet you wont discover any, i am certain of that. Rajiv says have you gone frantic? Geeta says how could you raise hand on him? you cannot leave this challenge, Rajiv says you have marked contract, you cannot go back and forth like this is joke. Mahek says i got to be joke, this challenge is critical for me yet not more than my confidence, i needed to accomplish something yet not by harming my family, she says sobbing and says i am sad sir, you can do anything besides i cannot remain here any longer, she takes a gander at Shaurya and says you think you are God? God will make you lurch one day that you wont have the capacity to show face to individuals, we are instructed to excuse individuals yet you have won my revile today, you have harmed my dignity today, you will never get love and fellowship of any young lady, you will stay alone your entire life, entire life, Shaurya indignantly glares her, Mahek begins leaving from that point, Rajiv tries to stop her yet Shaurya says let her go.

Sharma family is leaving yet Mahek comes there and embraces Kanta, Kanta doesnt embrace her back, Mahek says i am sad, i ought to have listened you, i was great in my home’s kitchen, atleast there individuals like him doesnt exist, Mahek says you know i wont deceive you, believe me, i didnt do anything to lack of regard you, that Shaurya intentionally attempted to insolence me, excuse me, i am your Mahek. Have comes there and embraces her, she says to Mahek that i am pleased you, individuals used to dream of slapping of Shaurya yet you slapped him in genuine, it was essential to demonstrate to him his place, i contemplated you yet you have guts, it take guts to leave appear at this stage, fare thee well, have clears out. Kanta is amazed, Ravi is pleased with Mahek

Financial specialists of Shaurya sees Mahek slapping Shaurya on Tv.

Shaurya’s mom sees Mahek slapping Shaurya on Tv, Khanna says i came in news too for my prosperity however not for being slapped. Vaitlana says i am heading off to my companion’s gathering, she listens news of Mahek slapping rascal and rich Shaurya, Vaitlana says just this was required, she takes a seat, Khanna says you would party? Vaitlana says Shaurya ensured that i am not ready to demonstrate my face to anybody, they will discuss this slap as it were. Mother begins leaving, Khanna asks where are you going? she doesnt answer and clears out.

Mahek is doing a reversal home with her family, she is lying her head on Kanta’s head in auto and reviews how Shaurya bounced in pool to spare her then how he spiked her drink to make her move fiercely.

Shaurya’s injury is swathed. Rajiv bring espresso for him however he denies it, Rajiv says you should be upbeat now, you needed to expand TRP by making outrage, well done, after this slap, you have TRP, you are drifting on twitter, Shaurya says i am not used to listen to address, kepe your sentiment to yourself. Shaurya’s mom comes there and says this is your issue, Rajiv clears out. Shaurya is dazed to see her. Mother says God has favored you, he gave you great face, great business, and family yet you are not appreciative to him, rather you are presumptuous, Shaurya says this is all trash, she says quiets down, first you offended that young lady then sent her family to prison and today you played with her respect, that young lady didnt slap you however God slapped you today, Shaurya says maa.